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#21 [url]

Oct 11 13 7:16 PM


where do i find my messages, i wish the forum was left alone....

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#24 [url]

Oct 12 13 8:43 AM

If you look at the very top of the screen, you should see "Panel".

Click on it and you will then see all the options that are personal to your account.

On the right hand side you should see a list which includes "Inbox" and "Image Management".

Click on "Inbox" and you should find your PMs. The "Sent" messages are there too.

Image Management is where you upload your pictures direct to the forum and you can then copy them into your posts from there.

I know it is all very different, unfamiliar and an unwelcome change, but it does actually work once you find your way around and there are some clear improvements, including a built-in "Search" facility (top right) which I've been using to find things.

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#29 [url]

Oct 12 13 10:10 PM


Yeah thanks  admin, starting to get it now, the old one was good because on the right hand side you could see what the recent posts were, will this foram have that, also where is my pic beside my name, good work guys, keep it up....image

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#30 [url]

Oct 12 13 10:40 PM

Colin, you will need to upload your profile picture into the new system I'm afraid.

1. Open the "Panel" at the top of the page.

2. Then click on Image Management on the right side and upload your chosen picture.

3. Click on the picture to select it and you should see some options along the top of the photo.

4. The right hand option should say "Make Profile Pic"

5. Click on that and confirm when it asks.

6. Your picture should appear as your avatar. Don't panic if it doesn't appear straight away.

There is a button on the right for Recent Posts.  Select that and you should get a list with the latest post at the top.

At the moment we don't have a way of displaying a few of the most recent posts which the old version had.  Lefora are actually working on some more features, so maybe that will be one of them, but the button works fine anyway.

We've had so many members having problems with it I think I'll start a new thread so that if people have questions on the new system or have some handy advice or tips we can post them there.

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#31 [url]

Oct 13 13 8:50 AM


Thanks mike, does this work the same way if I want to put a picture on like new vam stuff, or just pictures in general, I will give it a try later, fingers crossed, .... image

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#32 [url]

Oct 13 13 8:56 AM

Yes it is the same for any photos. It works a bit like Photobucket. You can create albums and organise all the photos you upload, which means if you ever want to reuse a photo it will be stored.

When you want to use a photo in a thread, use the "Add Reply" option (not "Quick Reply") and you should then see a link ("Show Albums") for uploading pictures from your album. I just drag the photo across and drop it in, which seems to work.

If you use Photobucket to upload your photos I assume it works the same as before.  There are some other options in the bar above the Reply box for images and media, but I haven't worked them out yet!

Retired: mraction Oct 13 13 8:59 AM. Edited 1 time.

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#35 [url]

Oct 13 13 10:24 AM

done it

hi, i think i have worked out how the forum works now, managed to add my profile pic (fingers crossed) add pics to pic topic and can check and return messages, thanks to mike for all his help...image

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#36 [url]

Oct 13 13 11:06 AM

Well done Colin!  image

I'm not sure why people are seeing anything other than light green text on a dark background.  It seems fine to me and I'm not seeing a blinding white background anywhere.  Daz tweaked the default settings back to look more like the old VAME.  Is anyone else having problems with the colour scheme?

Maybe there are options to change it on your own machine or on your own profile?

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#40 [url]

Oct 13 13 2:50 PM

Try later Colin. I think Lefora/Yuku are still tweaking the system.

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