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#41 [url]

Oct 13 13 6:29 PM


Oh! finally.... I couldn't sign in...... my password didn't work anymore and found an email from lefora wit my new password,,,it's got about 12 the way I see I lost my avatar......any idea on how to get it back?

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Oct 14 13 1:39 PM

This i crap.Iv lost my profile picture,i can hardly read the text as its light green.Rubbish rubbish rubbish.Cant be arsed with it.Bring back the old format.Clearer,and a better format.

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#53 [url]

Oct 14 13 3:38 PM

You need to reload your profile pic in the new system Ian. The instructions are on the previous page. I can't do it for you, sorry, because only you have access to edit your profile.

It wasn't our choice to change. The new format is OK once you are used to it, but it is a pain on the a**e to relearn it all over.

Retired: mraction Oct 14 13 10:27 PM. Edited 1 time.

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#54 [url]

Oct 14 13 7:58 PM

Yes, agree with the others about Google Chrome, that is what I'm using and the text etc is very clear, the forum is black background with white text so you can't get clearer than that.
Mike's right, it's ok once you get used to it and start 'pressing and guessing'.

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#56 [url]

Oct 14 13 11:38 PM

Loading your profile pic is really simple. It may a little while for the change to appear or it can happen instantly. hang in there Iain. We all have had to adjust. It was either this or start from scratch again which would of been a monumental pain in the butt. Admin are doing whatever they can to try and match what the forum was like before.

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#57 [url]

Oct 15 13 4:18 AM

I've managed to post and got a picture in for the profile, does anyone know how to put the footers back in to the individuals posts and reply's? Or has that option disappeared?

Any advice welcome - I'm now going to try and post a picture into a forum - hopefully this will go fine!



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#59 [url]

Oct 15 13 2:48 PM

very confusing after the change i could not get in then i could then i was blocked again so today i clicked on the forgot login button and then reset my password and i am back in again so anybody having problems try resetting your password . i shall try using chrome as the green lettering in not my favourite , cheers jim

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#60 [url]

Oct 19 13 5:09 PM

mractionWell done for getting back in chaps. It's a nightmare.

Admin is currently weighing up whether to put the effort into getting this forum back to where it was (which isn't going to be easy) or to make the jump to another provider.

Jump! Jump! Yuku is rubbish!

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