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Oct 1 13 10:45 AM

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Hi everyone this is my 1st post so be gentle . I`ve had this scorpion tank since I was a kid ( many moons ago ) It looks abit too clean , so any ideas how it can be weathered or stowage added .

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Oct 15 13 8:11 PM

Looks blooming Marvellous to me mate. Lol. Can't quite see on my phone if it has the smoke stacks. I think if it were my childhood one I'd keep it origional and get a rough one, of which there are many to customize. I'd love you Scorpion just as it is :-)

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Oct 15 13 10:24 PM

Sod!! just typed a long reply and Lefora lost it!!!

I'll try again shortly!!


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Oct 15 13 11:59 PM


Ok here is my view and some bits of advice. 

Firstly what is your motivation are you a VAM collector that wants the originals to display or are you a Kitbasher and Modeller - I fall into the later category.  the Scorpion that you have looks in very good condition so it can be a very tricky decision.  Ultimately it is your scorpion and your collection.

If you do decide that you are going to do some custom work on it, work out your plan for what you want to do to the vehicle before you even start cutting and gluing.

The Scorpion is part of the CVRT family (Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance Tracked) of vehicles that were designed by Alvis engineering in the 70's, they have had several upgrades and are still going strong with several Armed Forces across the world.  the British army no longer uses the scorpion as it has replaced these with the Scimitar and the Spartan.  The CVRT has been further upgraded and extended in British Army service for at least another 5-10 years until the FRES Scout vehicle enters service (it will probably be longer cos the MOD equipment programmes are always delayed and extended - did I say that out loud?)

So where to get photos and reference material?

1.  Steve Morley has some cracking pictures of his conversions and how he went about it, so have a look in the Customs Photo section of the forum here.

2.  Google images of CVRT Scorpion, Scimitar and Spartan.  these will mainly throw up British Army vehicles from the UK/BAOR and also from Afghanistan -  they are the same base vehicle but have very different add ons - the Afghan variants have the Bar Armour (stops RPGs) and the ECM antennas.  Also Google the New Zealand Armoured Squadrons Scorpions - there is some really good pics of these up close and showing the various stowage bins, antennas and cages.  another good series of pics can often be found on the Irish Defence Force website as they still operate the Scorpion and often have some photos of the vehicles out and about the Irish countryside.

3.  If you are after reference books then look at Amazon and search for "tankograd" books, these are German books with added English text that have loads of photos of various military vehicles.  again work out first what you want as they have books specific to Afghanistan and also to BAOR (British Army of the Rhine) and the UK.

Ok once you have your plan, reference pics then work out what you are going to put where - you need to work out how you are going to fix it and what medium you will work in, this could be wood, plasticard or resign.  the reason that this is important is because the Scorpion is made from 2 different plastic.  The turret is a hard plastic that is good for contact adhesives but doesn't like having screws put through it.  the hull is a thicker but softer plastic that will take screws (ideally drill a pilot hole first).

If you want to do cages go to a DIY shop and get small mesh sheet -  the type that you use to build a small rabbit hutch with, and then clip to the size and shape that you want.

Once you have done your mods and custom work clean off all the dust, shavings and general debris, then spray with a good undercoat for plastic - the red primer from "plasticote" is very good.  once that is done then add your selected colour scheme - NATO Green/ Black or Desert Sand - choice is yours.

If you want specialist accessories such as antenna mounts, radio boxes etc either scratch build or have a look at the Armorpax website, they do some cracking extras in resign or white metal.  Email Dave there and tell him what you are planning and he will point you in the right direction.

That was a bit of a mad general gallop through things to consider for a custom task.  if you are still struggling for pics then let me know and I'll get you some next week when I get back into the UK.

Hope that helps


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#14 [url]

Oct 16 13 1:33 PM

Thanks for that chaps , I didn`t expect such responce . Having had the tank since childhood I think abit of a tidy up is all thats needed . Can anyone tell if there are any stickers missing from the photo ?

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Oct 25 13 6:56 PM

Right for the 4th attempt, grrrrrrrr, damn Lefora!!!!!!

as promised some pics of Scorpions and Scimitars to give some inspiration and an idea of the type of storage boxes and cages that get fitted to the wagons.

These are British Army, Irish Defence Force and New Zealand Army vehicles.imageimageimageimageimageimage
Hope that this helps (and finally manages to get loaded onto the site!!)



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