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Feb 24 13 1:27 PM

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Hi all,
Does anyone have both the original vintage and 40th Dak Cap by any chance?

Interested in the differences.


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Feb 26 13 2:16 PM

Correct me if I am wrong but isn't the painted dot more frequently found on the 40th version? Or was it painted also on the VAM version but faded through time?


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Feb 26 13 3:25 PM

hi the vam one has a sticker too . as iv only got one of the small stickers on my dak caps .. all the rest iv lost so i guess its got to be the mold marks   if any .. as from the pic i cant see any difference  

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Feb 26 13 9:46 PM

Hi all

The vintage cap in my photo is from the Internationals card I had for Christmas in 1979. As Mark has mentioned above, the roundel is a sticker rather than painted.

I think that the roundel - and the diamond that it's stuck to - was painted on the Cotswold version of this field cap. I don't have a Cotswold DAK cap, but I do have their green one and it's virtually identical to both caps, except a bit more detailed in its painted state.

Colour-wise, I seem to recall that the Cotswold cap might have been manufactured in a shade that was somewhere between the two caps I've shown in my picture. 

Another feature of the caps pictured above is that the vintage one feels a little "less thick" than the 40th one.

I hope that helps. 

Cheers Steve Vintage, Modern and 40th - the Action Man Holy Trinity!

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Mar 1 13 12:48 AM

Inside are they the same?
White lines look more delicate on the vintage one.

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