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Mar 30 13 10:09 AM


Bit of bad news on my part I'm afraid - My stay in the big sand pit will be a bit longer than I (and Mrs Madferret) had hoped, so unfortunately I'll miss the VAME day.

I really enjoyed last year, meeting the members, seeing all the displays, chatting about modelling tips and picking up all the bits that I needed at the time.  It was a cracking day last year and wish all the success this year.

Nevermind, hopefully I'll get to VAME 4!!



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Apr 2 13 4:19 PM

 P.S. refractionman ? are you an optician or ophtalmologist ?


Haha, Nope
Have I puzzled you with my forumname then ?
In an earlier life I was Red-Action-Man and that's only a few symbol's away from refractionman and still contains the AM link. 

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May 2 13 11:03 PM

Yes, it's time I got into gear now really and did a bit of organising.  Does anyone else want to put their name down for a table to sell or display?

Incidentally, fuzzhead_tom asked whether anyone would be interested in organising a VAME group to visit the WW2 weekend together, either on Saturday after the VAME Meet or on the Sunday.

I probably won't be able to make it on Saturday, because I have to stay and clear away and lock up the hall etc, so I'll be going on Sunday to make a day of it.

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May 8 13 10:14 PM

Just 1 month to go until VAME Meet 3! 

So far, we've got a great line-up of members taking tables with some cracking vintage displays and plenty of VAM for sale:

bltn (Dave) – Tommy Gunn display.  VAM and Tommy Gunn for sale

Daz28 (Daz) - VAM for sale

Zulu1 (Tony) – Custom vehicles display and VAM sales

Salbal (Sally) – VAM spares for sale

Action_Mat (Mat) – customs and VAM sales

Deeyem (Daren) - VAM sales

Para1974 (Andy) - displays and spares for sale

MrAction (Mike) - 1960s VAM display and sales

It's a decent-sized hall and there's room for more, so does anyone else want to book a (free) table before I start thinking about the layout?

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May 11 13 7:53 PM

one of the best things i find with the VAME meets are the fact that it never over run with every tom dick and harry ..its all ways full but never squashed with ppl trying to grab all the bargains to flog on ebay .. as its a VAME  meet and its mostly VAME  guys and girls  .. you take a load of cash with you and still come home with cash and tons of vam ..due to not having to pay pumped up prices ..and all the sellers sell there goods at fab prices .... the other shows iv been to  you have to get in there grab everything pay it and then look around   with the VAME meets you look chat and then you find bits and pay  its so relaxed  its wont be disappointed .... and dont for get to take loads of pics and let every one know who you are .. 

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