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Apr 11 13 9:44 PM

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Hi all,

I have skipped across a relatively new website that appears to be set up for vintage stuff (action figures & toy soldiers).

It's free to join and it's 99p per list (without any end of action fees), unlike the Bay!

I have sent an email to find out more about the originators, and it appears that they are a group of genuine collectors (some of whom specialise in Star Wars, Britains, GI Joe, and Action Man), and they started it with the sole intention to give to charity, including the 'Save Our Heroes' fund.

Anyway, link provided below, and if you don't list yourselves then I will certainly be listing my surplus gear at some point on here so watch this space - cheap as chips!

Best regards and good hunting, Oliver

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Apr 14 13 11:20 PM

Great stuff chaps! Forgive my naivety - didn't realise there was a free list option here (the place to be for specialist collectors)!

Will get round to listing some stuff on here at some point, (and on the aforementioned fledging site), just to widen my nets as much as possible.

sorry but I only purchase on the Bay (regrettably no sell any more), as its far to extortionate, especially when compared to the free list option on VAME!

If I didn't have to do so much time travelling foreign due to my job then I'd be able to spend more time selling & collecting - grrrr ;(

Thanks all and take care.

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