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May 9 13 1:05 PM

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These are the bits i have leftover after my Atomic Adventurer Tom;


Left leg - "electrical clip" that holds elastic to the rivet was prised open but can be closed again, lower leg has splits and looks to have been glued at some point, see no reason why it couldn't be glued

Nect post - slight damage where it was removed from head

Lower arm - split but could be glued

elbow joint - 10r, hinge has come off


lower arm - marked CCL, new

elbow joint - marked LCC, new

I have other bits but they're mostly plastic dust and in my mind unusable, if you wanted them i could send it all across for you to play with.

Ideally i'm looking for two regular left legs or two pairs of complete legs, i've got a PH with a busted knee joint and a talker with a busted knee

Let me know if you want it

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May 10 13 9:19 AM

Thanks Iain, i don't think signalman needs a neckpost anyway so i'll reserve it for you  

That'd be great, are they on elastic or just complete legs?  You wouldn't have another spare lefty would you?

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May 10 13 8:22 PM

far as i know they are on an arm less head less feet less  vam  LOL  .. mind you sounds like there not much left of him LOL.. .. not sure about the left leg ill have a look ..

pm me you addy and ill get them in the post   cheers iain 

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May 13 13 2:32 PM


the lower arms would sort out his arms, you'd still need to do something to his elbow joint as yours is in the same situation as mine - maybe someone could give you advise on the forum re. drilling it out and putting a new pin in (hint hint vame people)

And the lower leg would mean you would only need feet and another lower leg and some hands....

Let me know

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Jul 5 13 12:23 PM

hi i have two of these guys one canadian vam feet kung foo grip 1973 and a regular one 1970 you could yes carefully drill out the rivet pin and repin but these black  A team joes seem to suffer from brittle plastic must be the colouered plastic i seen them with white ball joints as thay often fall apart or order a repro black one from cots world legs and feet i have seen them for sale well all the body parts on the US gi joe site i had one white foot for a while on one of mine till i found a black foot maybe you could use a white elbow joint till you find one i would order from cots  a walmart black A team elbow legs feet would work to US gi joe site cots is the cheapest easyer choice by far for all the bits you need 

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