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May 19 13 5:47 AM

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Can someone reccomend Action Man guide books that cover the vintage era? I am especially interested in any that have lots of photos. That way I can stare longingly at the pictures of toys I'll
never own. :) Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank You.
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May 19 13 8:16 AM

'Action Man - The Real Story' (Kevin King)
'Action Man - Volume One' (Alan Hall)
'Action Man - Volume Two' (Alan Hall)
''On Land, At Sea,And In The Air' (N.G.Taylor)

ALL the above, the first one listed may be the hardest to obtain and possibly the most expensive!

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May 19 13 8:37 AM

The Real Story is probably the best alongside all 3 Alan Hall books.

NG Taylors book has some nice pics but is not all that accurate.

Other books available are The Gold Medal toy for boys by Frances Baird which is just OK and then there is The Official Dossier by Ian Harrison which I dont have but have not heard anything good about.

I would concentrate on getting all the official equipment manuals. You can pick up the 40th ones cheap enough to flip through regularly too without destroying old originals.

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May 19 13 8:56 AM

Yes equipment manuals are excellent reference , the real story by Kevin King is excellent for warnings and what to look out for so you can be pretty confident the outfits are correct

The three volumes by Hall are very good as they lay out each respective part to each outfit

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May 19 13 10:00 PM

the official dossier  is more of  telling you about action man and what was planed with a few  pics and what with the outfits few outfits   its good to read it but its not as good as the other books ..
the only wee good thing in the dossier   is you see our top guest  BOB there and like action man not changed a bit .. over the years ...LOL  ..he must be the EE guy as his hands are as still as good as he left the factory all them years ago  .. ...

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#6 [url]

May 19 13 10:30 PM

I quite liked the Official Dossier for background info.  It isn't trying to be a reference book, though, as you say.

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