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Jul 7 13 8:32 PM

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As kids we despaired of the adults who would try to fob us off with inferior figures when all we wanted was the genuine article, Action Man!, but now as adult collectors it's amusing to find that those formerly looked down on OK figures can fill us with that warm glow of nostalgia just as well as Palitoy's finest.
A case in point was this guy...

As soon as I saw it I remembered the packaging..

What a trip down memory lane! To be honest I didn't originally like the DSD as a kid. Everything was 'Space' crazy then. My favourite AM set was the Astronaut and I looked down on the very 'Victorian' DSD. Then I saw the movie 'Krakatoa east of Java' one night on TV and suddenly DSD's were cool. Danger, excitement, adventure, the DSD had it all but so far from my birthday or Xmas those pesky adult were never going to get me an AM one so..REDBOX to the rescue!

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Jul 7 13 8:33 PM

How does everybody's favourite KO compare to AM anyway?

The first obvious difference is the silver helmet of the Redbox.

Plus Redbox headsculpts are fugly!

The Redbox DSD's suit is made of a very thin nylon, not unlike a carrier bag. I remember life in the toy box split mine in no time. Palitoy's material is far superior.

The Redbox worked in the same way as the Action man version.

It also has real weights all round. This may be to compensate for how hollow and light the actual figure was.

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Jul 7 13 9:19 PM

One thing we, as adult collectors, can thank Redbox for is the fact that they put their name on everything!

They were obviously proud of their product and it helps with identification no end!

A couple of other Redbox/VAM comparisons.

The Redbox (right) is darker and marked 'Hong Kong'

Redbox lacks the white stripe.

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Jul 7 13 9:20 PM

Fugly indeed but a very nice collection piece.
Very interesting information. Thanks for sharing,
I always thought the early Action man had a full weight belt?

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Jul 7 13 9:40 PM

thanks m8 ... good info .... why didnt palitoy  go after !! red box ! like the did with the cherilea  as you can see it right there they copyed off the DSD outfit .. just changed a few wee bits ..OR was redbox out b4 palitoy ?? 

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Jul 7 13 9:56 PM

Great post, really nicely presented  I particularly like the way the Joe figure is holding up the accessories 


I didn't realise the redbox figure was so much smaller - the accessories seem the same size as Joe/VAM 

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Jul 7 13 10:06 PM

The late issue flag is all red on the Action Man Orange Frogman too

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