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Jul 11 13 10:06 PM

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Hello and welcome to our newest member grunt67

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Jul 11 13 10:57 PM

Evening all,
Many thanks for letting me in.
I'm fairly new to the VAM collecting scene (February this year) but it didn't take long to remember why
I was so keen on them during what my partner refers to as my 'First Childhood'.
I'm currently building a collection made up of the more battered examples available on ebay.
I have been restoring said items in my workshop which Louise says looks like an Action Man field hospital at the moment.
It's a bit of a learning curve but if I learn anything useful I'll gladly share it with you folks.
Re-stringing, cleaning, clothing repair etc.
I've just finished restoring a couple of painted eye, gripping hand examples in R.A.F. working dress
(and an R.A.F. Regiment Queen's Colour Squadron SAC in parade dress kit bashed from original parts).
I hope to post photos and the occasional 'How to' guide soon.
I'm currently building a database of original Palitoy information leaflets from the 70's and 80's and hope to be able to offer reprints
to members who are looking for the finishing touch to their equipment sets (With a small charge for postage only).
If any of you folks have a photo of the turret clips for the scorpion tank I would be most grateful
(I'm rebuilding a rather nice boxed version at the moment but have no idea as to how the turret is attached).
I'll sign off for now (I've bored you for long enough).
Best Regards,
Grunt 67.
"If it ain't broke you can't afford it!"

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Jul 12 13 9:07 PM

Thanks for the pics of the turret clips.
I'll have a go at fabricating some of those this weekend.
I'll keep you posted as to how it goes.
I'm currently working on some tail light lenses for the CVR(T) series (Spartan, Scimitar & Scorpion)
If they turn out alright I'll offer them up as a kit for anyone who wants a set.
Best Regards & Thanks again,

"If it ain't broke you probably cant afford it".

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