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Aug 12 13 1:39 PM

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I recently acquired a nice minty fresh Geyper Man African Explorer outfit.

Note - This first picture is not my 'bash, but a picture off the Internet of the original Geyper African Explorer set...

I had all the pieces to put this set together, but try as I might I couldn't love it with the Pith Helmet.  I thought it looked terrible.  The big shovel was a bit incongruous as well.  I couldn't help but feel that I could do better by the basic  shirt pants and belt that comprised the original set.

And here is the result - instead of Geyper Man African Explorer, I give you Action Man: African Explorer...

I replaced the pith helmet with the Desert Fighter bush hat.  The Explorer Rifle is the later version with the rubber strap from the Action Man Equipment Centre card...

Canteen and ammo bag are from the Action Man  Jungle Explorer set.  Boots are from the basic irst issue Action Soldier... 

Binoculars are from the Navy Attack set, the knuckle knife is from the Australian Jungle Fighter set and the scabbard is by Cotswold...

And the end result combined with the basic Geyper pants, belt and shirt...

All modelled on a 40th beardie.  :

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Aug 13 13 1:59 PM

I agree with Dads, bush hat does look better (Not being biased of course considering that I'm an Aussie) I think the Pith helmet would look better on a DAK figure, preferably an officer?

Anyway your bash looks great, crisp uniform and shiny gear as if he came straight from the box, well done.

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