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Sep 29 13 3:17 AM

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Hi Guys

Having a crap time and Need cheering up so has anyone got a pair of first issue Navy Trousers with two poppers and a black tri-pod for the browning heavy machine gun please :-) Gave one of these away a while back as I didn't have the gun then picked up the gun with no tri-pod Doh.

Also need for Jungle ExplorerĀ 
Machete and sheath
Water bottle
Floppy hat

These bits don't need to be perfect but they do need to be cheap as I'm skint :-)

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Sep 29 13 3:37 PM

Do you just need the water bottle Mark, or the cover too?  I've found a machete and sheath, although the tip is damaged on the machete.  You can't see it when it's in its sheath of course.  Any good?

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Sep 29 13 4:04 PM

Hi Mike. I need the bottle and cover Mike. Yes please to the machete as you say it'll be in the sheath so wont be seen.

Thanks Mike :-)

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Oct 2 13 5:29 PM

Hi Mike.

Hat, Water Bottle and Machette arrived today and they are fab!!!! Even my wife likes the hat and wants a full size one for herself lol

Just the scarf and holster needed now :-)

Thanks again Mike

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Oct 27 13 3:32 AM

Im after a late issue jungle Explorer rifle if anyone has one spare.

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