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#21 [url]

Nov 12 10 4:48 PM

Scott, post them under 'Your Pictures' thats what I did. You will be able to change your avatar by the edit profile option (which you can't see) which is in between you username and messages on the top right.

Once you are in edit profile it will have your avatar on the right click on it and you will be able to use browse to upload a picture that you have taken and saved under a folder on your computer.  

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#23 [url]

May 21 11 3:09 PM

Hello anyone who's out there listening..  or watching the screen...  however you want look at it.

I'm Damian, never really got the joy (1st time round) of the vintage action men i had to make do with the modern muscle bound mutant freaks until i got to my nan and grandads as a kid and got to play with the real soldiers and since then i've been collecting bits and bobs when i can.

I've only just joined, trying to reconstruct a couple of old action men that i found without bodies at my Grandad's house, i've already got a mixed troop of soldiers but felt sorry for these bodyless heads.  Several people had commented that it was a bit odd that i only had the heads and am trying to get the rest of them but i felt sorry for them...  Only a head with eagle eyes, must be awful!  Anyway one of them is now pretty much back together after restringing and the second one is only missing his arms...  Which if i'm honest is almost as hard to look at as just a head.

If i can get these two guys done i might think about Tom Stone who i've seen as a head in the box...

Hope to get on the wanted section or see if i can sawp some bits for a couple of limbs.

Bye for now


Also can anyone let me know how to get a picture on my profile, does it have to be a certain size...  i've tried browsing and selecting it but it doesn't load.  Thanks.

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#24 [url]

May 21 11 4:40 PM

hi damian .. welcome and nice to see you chatting .  one of the guys will help you on the pic thing .. but im glad your getting in to real action man .. dont worrie bout not having loads  give it time  you will have . even if youjust keep to the saying !!!just one more ..!!grin

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#25 [url]

May 21 11 9:25 PM

Hi Damian
Good to see you posting  Good luck with the reconstruction - I'm sure someone will be able to help!
I don't think the profile picture has to be a particular size  When you click "Change your avatar" and then "choose file" presumably it lets you select a file and displays it? What happens when you click the "Save" button further down (below the standard Lefora "library" pictures)?

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#27 [url]

May 25 11 12:32 PM

Thanks for the welcome evreyone, all i need now is a "consider yourself at home, consider yourself part of the family"...   But i don't want anyone to make a song and dance out of it, lol!

i'm still getting this error when i try and upload a profile picture, i think i've broken it and i've only been here 5 minutes.

500 Internal Server Error


No replies yet to my desperate crys for spares to repair, and i got hit by ebay fever again and bought 3 more action men to help with reconstructions.  1 eagle eye now assembled, 1 with body and legs but still without arms, but now i have 4 more action men to repair crying this may be an ongoing situation resulting in a garrison or action men.

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#28 [url]

May 25 11 12:42 PM


Hi Damian,
Try and upload your picture later today or tomorrow.  Our forum host is having problems uploading pictures, but they're aware of it and it should be fixed soon

If you keep getting the '500 error', try clearing your temp internet

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#29 [url]

Jun 7 11 3:51 AM

Hello fellow forum memebers. My name is Eddie I am from Laredo, Texas and collector of GI Joe's (64-76). A few years ago I had a VAM Africa Korps Lance Corporal in mint condition. The person who sold it to me sent the box the uniform came from. I soon bought volumes 1 & 2 of Alan Hall's Action Man Ultimate Guides. I was stunned at all the sets that were available for Action Man long after GI Joe ceased to exist in the USA. My GI Joe collection was growing and I had to decide whether to start on VAM or not. I sold my VAM Africa Korps and Action Man Ultimate Guides and dedicated my resources 100% to GI Joe.

Just recently I have added some foreign uniform sets to my collection and want to continue to explore the vast array of sets available. I joined this forum to educate myself and share information on this wonderful hobby of ours. Thank you for allowing me to be a member.

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#30 [url]

Jun 7 11 4:00 AM

hi monquegijoe welcome to the forum you,ll find loads of info here ranging thru all the stages of vam, check out the (my pictures section) you,ll see loads of members collections there

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#31 [url]

Jun 7 11 7:36 AM

Hi Eddie great to hear from you & a warm welcome. Post up some pictures of your collection. You can start your own thread in "My pictures" as we would love to see them & I am very found of the Adventure Team line! 

Any questions then ask away as there is a vast knowledge among the members here.

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#32 [url]

Jun 7 11 4:29 PM

Hi Eddie
Great to have you aboard and nice to see you posting. I agree with Nick - please do post some pictures. If using the "Upload Files" button at the bottom left of your screen doesn't work, you can upload to photobucket and insert photos from there. If it helps, there are instructions here on how to do that. 

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#35 [url]

Jun 14 11 9:18 PM

Thanks for the welcome.Have a moderate collection of around 40 figures plus some 40th. Will post some pictures as soon as I can.Collection consists mainly of military and adventure .Looking forward to getting involved in the forum .

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#37 [url]

Oct 13 11 6:42 PM

your atomic man looks great never seen a blonde atomic man before I wonder if you were the first to do it?

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