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Dec 17 09 4:23 PM

OK Guys the 2010 VAME Calendars are back from the printers, the price came in at £11.99 and this includes delivery to you, delivery outside the UK will be more so those members please contact Daren (deeyem) for additional postage cost. The names of people I have down for one is:

Dan (thecoat)
James (Action Trooper)
Dave L (Brit)
Marc (Stargifts)
Please Make payment guys ASAP so we can get them in the post to you so you will receive it before Christmas, please send payment of £11.99 to please remember to mark your payment as a 'gift'

 Daren sent me this picture and I am sure you will agree the calendar looks stunning. We have one left so if anyone wants one contact myself of one of the admin team.

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Dec 17 09 6:04 PM

grin..Mine too @ £12.60....( goesawaygrumbleingaboutbleedinpaypalchargeseventhoughhedid
Oh Yeah...Merry Christmas.....

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Dec 17 09 7:53 PM

 goes away grumbleing about bleedin paypal charges even though he did
send it as a gift I bet it gets lost in the bleed in post postman don't care anymore
just leave parcels on the bleedin door steps  any toe rag can nick it kids are
hyper about christmas
driving me up the wall myhair is falling out its cold dark miserable
the Guvnrs photos are just too good
just realised that we ve run out of beer at home and no sugar to put in me coffee
AND ..thats the joy of christmas .
also i
sell some of my action men for the kids prezzies and they say !!! thanks you santa !!!!  surprise its not fair ..LOL  ..

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Dec 17 09 10:08 PM

Amen, thanks chaps all in a good cause and these are truly fantastic items.  I though that last year's calendar wouldn't be beaten, but blow me down if this years hasn't comfortably exceeded all expectations!

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#55 [url]

Dec 18 09 12:01 AM

Last calendar sold to Baz, If anybody would like a Calendar please stress your interest on this thread, if we get 5 members interested we may go back to the printers for a quick run. However for now consider them SOLD OUT!!!

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Dec 19 09 12:08 AM

Oh indeed Daz and please everyone dig deep or they'll be sacking the new treasurer!  I appear to have been a little overzealous with the Mouse Mats still having 13 left in stock from an initial order of 20 and 16 mugs left in stock from an initial order of 25.

Thanks for the payment Croc which has just arrived.  However, you didn't provide your address.  Please can you PM to me or email to the treasurer mailbox.  We had actually already sold out of calendars, but you can have mine and hopefully we will have enough interest from other members to justify another run.

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#59 [url]

Dec 19 09 2:25 PM

I'm really sorry guys. Mrs Deeyem and I packed up the calendars and I was just heading out of the door to post them before the 1pm pick-up and post-office shut down, when some beardy guy in a red suit calling himself "Santos Close" (or something like that) rang up and said you had all been reeeeeally baaaaad, spending money on Action Man and stuff and you weren't allowed any presents this year.  Sorry about that.
Some good news though. My Action Man attic has now got some cracking new wall paper 

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