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Apr 17 10 4:57 PM

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Can anyone id this pile of poooplain

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Apr 17 10 9:39 PM

Nice space cabinet vaughan!   Is the big green robot a mechanical calculator?  I've always loved this sort of stuff.  I prefer the 50's to the 60's, especially Frank Hampson's Dan Dare.  A Dan Dare boxed space radio set went on 'dickinsons real deal' for £30, which seems like nothing considering its vintage.  I used to scoure jumbles for Eagle comics as a kid.

What went wrong?  it's 2010, my car doesn't fly and there's no robot to push the hoover roundgrin

And shouldn't I be typing this in a disposable suit after a 3 course meal in pill form?    Well at least we've got geriatrics!


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Jul 3 10 4:19 PM

Greetings !,
  Can you post a pic of the figures with out the uniforms?
 Any tags on the space suits?
 The hands appear to be in the same style of Action Man, Tommy Gunn,etc..
 Love to see more !

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Mar 13 13 12:34 AM

I'm all over that silver space suit that yours is wearing "tommygunn900" these figures are pretty good quality and so are the clothes. Although mine were very dirty as shown in piccy.

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#10 [url]

Mar 13 13 2:16 PM

Hi daz
there doesn't seem to be any markings whatsoever, maybe my eyesight's failin me...? They are strung together and have white molded on undies. They are quite good quality for knock-off's.

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#13 [url]

Mar 13 13 8:02 PM

Hello chaps, i dont know who made these fellows but they look very much like Van Burens original prototype Gi Joe, Apparently there was only one made, there was no swiveling bicep joint, maybe the head sculp was used on your fellows

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#14 [url]

Mar 13 13 9:50 PM

Yeah they do look like the prototype thats what inspired me to make the one i did a few years ago still cant find out the origin of these guys though all i was told that they were foreign mabey from poland  well made figures just a mystery as to who they are

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Mar 13 13 9:54 PM

Just looked through my G.I. Joe book Dave and your'e right he's very similar in looks. Well spotted m8.

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