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#21 [url]

Apr 26 10 9:07 AM

Thanks for your support guys! 

Right come on now......who's next to be in with a chance to win this.....

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#25 [url]

Apr 27 10 5:30 PM

You mean 5 tickets Baz?  The other fiver is to cover p+p to The States[image][image]


wah wah wah waaaaaaaaahh!!!!
It's going straight into my Mum's VAM collection!!!

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#26 [url]

Apr 27 10 7:47 PM

Now, y'see, when I gamble, I never win. Ever. But not having a go...the winning ticket might have been the one that I was going to get! Aaargh!
Two tickets please - £2 pinged over.  

I pasted the email address into the Paypal screen - there was an extra space at the front which I removed and the payment went through ok.

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#31 [url]

Apr 27 10 9:19 PM

Probably have the draw on Sunday 9th May in the evening depending on how ticket sales go. 

I'll confirm here when ticket sales finish! 

So plenty of time to buy some tickets if you have not already......

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#32 [url]

Apr 29 10 12:37 AM

I'll have another 3 please Paypal sent.
Not because I'm desperate for the box, but because this forum costs me NOTHING to use and I'd like to give a measley few quid towards the running costs. 
Come on guys, if you can afford a computer, a phone line and an electricity bill (let alone an ebay habit and a collection!) you can spare a pound.  You might even win! 
And if you don't we're all winners anyway as you'll be helping to keep VAME up and running.
Well done for putting up such a brilliant prize Dan wink
Looks like Baz is the most generous vamer so far and I just know he's going to enjoy this video as much as the rest of you.  
Now who's going to help Baz by buying a raffle ticket and posting an Elvis video?  devil

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#36 [url]

Apr 29 10 5:45 AM

  Any Elvis tune will do.  They all sound the same![image][image]


Actually, many years ago I sat through "Dark Side Of The Moon" at a mate's flat one night.
We were playing Scalextric (and drinking cider and he was smoking his "herbal" ciggies).
ANYWAY........ when the album finished, my mate turned it over and we carried on playing.
When it ended, he went to change the record.
Only to realize it had been playing on 45rpm, and we hadn't noticed!!
True story!

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#38 [url]

Apr 29 10 8:00 AM

Please support YOUR forum & BUY a raffle ticket.

ONE ticket for all the great time you spend on the forum is not much to ask.

Over 200 members & only 10 have bought tickets! 


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