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#41 [url]

Apr 30 10 9:18 AM

Mat these 2 are for Mike?
Just checking before I pm numbers. 

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#51 [url]

May 1 10 11:16 AM

Raffle ticket sales will finish 6.00pm on Monday 3rd May & the draw will take place later that evening.

Still plenty of time to buy a ticket if you have not already! 

Many thanks to all who have participated & supported the raffle so far....

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#52 [url]

May 1 10 3:50 PM

Raffles are a great thing!
Sure, we've all seen them at the "County Fair.
But who really wants to win a jar of Lady Farthington's Raspberry Jam?
THIS is an ORIGINAL VAM Soldier box!!!  AWESOME!!!
Honestly, if you saw this at a car boot sale you'd SNAP it up for a quid, right?
Same mentality here (although some would try to barter to get it for 50p!!).
Of course you DON'T have to buy a ticket, but the money goes to funding VAME future
proposals, exclusives, collectibles etc.
Anyone who missed the FIRST ANNIVERSARY BOX can look forward to the
SECOND ANNIVERSARY Exclusive collectible, available only to members of this forum!

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#60 [url]

May 3 10 9:38 AM

Last reminder that raffle ticket sales will close 6.00pm tonight.

Draw will be later this evening. 

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