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Sep 14 10 10:05 PM

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Hi Gang
Christmas is going to be here before we know it, so if we want a 2011 calendar, we need to start organising it now. The first question is, do we want a calendar? If so, what do we want to see on there? Please cast your vote and by all means add comments and suggestions to this thread.
To give you an idea of what we did last year (the price came to £11.99 including UK postage), I've added a couple of pics below.
Admin Team 


Requests from:
deeyem's dad

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#1 [url]

Sep 14 10 10:43 PM

Could I be a pain and suggest a seasonal VAM shot for each month, either chosen from previous comp winners and/or other submitted photos?   December should be a VAM christmas party/or dinner pic, or even a page of cards from the reference section, reflecting what you might have got as a kidsmile

If you'd been a good boygrin

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#3 [url]

Sep 15 10 8:29 AM

The thought of 2012 without a VAME calendar is like bread without butter, mash without sausages, death without life crying grin  However, matching the quality of last years calendar and James' shots will be a tall order.  Equally, and sorry to be so direct, but I would personally only wish to purchase if the pictures were all of a sufficiently decent quality.

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#4 [url]

Sep 15 10 10:27 AM

Whilst last years calendar may have only been graced with a single persons shots, (1) this massively reduced the admin and effort involved in the production and (2) ensured top quality pics throughout.  Consequently, my suggestion would simply be that members submit as many shots as they can/wish and the admin team choose the best/most suitable.

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#7 [url]

Sep 15 10 12:53 PM

All ok Nick so long as the photographs are sufficient resolution / quality.  Looking back over the last 12-months we should be ok for this year.  Equally, for pics taken in Portrait, there would really need to be two pics for that month (so the comp entry plus another) to make best use of the available space.  Any pics that have also been cropped for the comp, would also require re-submission of the original (if members still have) so as to fully fit the frame.  Photo comp winning pics from Jan 10 to date as follows:

Click here to view the attachment
Click here to view the attachment
Click here to view the attachment
Click here to view the attachment
Click here to view the attachment
Click here to view the attachment
Click here to view the attachment
Click here to view the attachment
Click here to view the attachment

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#8 [url]

Sep 15 10 1:53 PM

Sounds like a plan Tim but we may have to go by the VAME year November to October to allow sufficient time to produce it.

Of course its up to the members so it all really depends on the poll & only 7 votes so far.

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#10 [url]

Sep 15 10 3:04 PM

No wondered we banned him from the photo comp him! 

That makes 7 portrait shots & 5 landscape!

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#11 [url]

Sep 15 10 3:29 PM

I think the idea of using the photo comp winning pictures for the calendar is a really excellent idea.  It may even encourage new members to have a go!!

I also really like Mat's idea of having seasonal pictures although I guess you can always use the winning picture most appropiate to the season.

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#12 [url]

Sep 15 10 6:30 PM

Why don't we come up with 12 monthly themes and then everyone can submit one or more for as many as they fancy (this can include previous winning entries)

Something like:

Jan - New Year
Feb - Love (Valentine's day)
Mar - Springtime
Apr - April Fool!
May - Mayday!
Jun - D-Day?
July - Summer
Aug - Harvest
Sep - Autumn
Oct - Halloween
Nov - Bonfire Night
Dec - Christmas

What do you think?

Time would be an issue I guess....


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#13 [url]

Sep 15 10 8:19 PM

Apart from Nov - Bonfire Night (when it should be Remembrance Daywink) that's a great idea.  But as you pointed out, time's the issue. 

Well worth seeing what everyone comes up with, given a theme to work with.   Sounds like fungrin.  

And this one from Daren would get my vote for Aprilgrin

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#14 [url]

Sep 15 10 8:37 PM

Hmmmmm could be tight to get 12 new shots and the calendar designed ready for xmas. 
Tim's point on the portrait/landscape shots is a good one. Might have to see if we can do work around that. 

 And this one from Daren would get my vote for April[image][image]


Might have to re-stage that one to get a decent high-resolution shot. No really, not just an excuse to play Action Man in the garden 

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#19 [url]

Sep 16 10 9:20 AM

LOL Adams! 

Daren that is superb mate! Love it! 

Maybe we could go with Daz's idea for the comp starting with the themes from November & we will then have a complete year for the 2012 calender. 

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#20 [url]

Sep 16 10 9:24 AM

lol indeed Adam grin

Yes, love it Daren, looks great (although prefer all in colour rather than B&W).  The approach gets more pics in and lower resolution/quality are not so much an issue with being so much smaller.  Also, that "bomb disposal" shot (for example) is brilliant and would be a shame not to include.  I guess it all comes down to the time the admin team are able/willing to put into the compilation.

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