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#41 [url]

Sep 16 10 10:21 PM

You've certainly got the dodgy looking reflock figure to go with it

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#43 [url]

Sep 16 10 11:14 PM

So what you are saying is, you want to completely buck the system Mat? 
I guess if I get the page ready to drop the photos in, we could make next month's (November) competition a Christmas themed one.   The photos would have to be entered in October and the competition closed and voted on fairly sharpish so we have got most of November to finalise the calendar and get it printed. That would mean this month's would have to be dealt with in a fairly timely manner too.

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#47 [url]

Sep 17 10 8:13 AM

Now my feet are firmly back on the ground I do have to ask Mat, how will the system now work? 

Will each theme now not match that month but be a month in advance? 

Also come December when we will be feeling Christmas spirit we will not be doing that theme & a month in advance you may not feel like getting "in the mood" so to speak. 

If its a one off to get a Christmas theme in next years calendar which is fine it would mean to get back on track December would again require that same theme....yes?

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#48 [url]

Sep 17 10 12:07 PM

We can't put the calendar pictures in order anyway.  Para74's Para in the snow could do with being Jan of Feb, not the month it won which was August.  I'm up for going with the photo comp winners for all but December, unless we use the other snow scene for that, which was T71's German

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#49 [url]

Sep 17 10 12:17 PM

If I can add my two'pennyworth, I don't think we should get tied into using the month the pic won for the corresponding calendar month for the very reason Mat says! Why not put the appropriate themed pic with a month and then somewhere say when it won, 12 pics in whatever month they go with theme wise? It's not like there is a law against it? Or is there....?surprise

"Broadsword calling Dannyboy..."

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#50 [url]

Sep 17 10 12:27 PM

Not at all Drew, just with Daz's idea of theme's each month we were going to start afresh with the next 12 comps, then Mad Mat threw a screw in the spanner to get a Xmas theme in 2011's calender! .......

So it's just a matter of how we tweak it for future comps really. It was only an idea & any suggestions to get more entries & fun out of the monthly comp would be very much appreciated as I know things go stale! 

Mat I'm sure they would not have gone with the month they won anyway.......that idea only came with the new themes thought!

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#56 [url]

Sep 17 10 4:04 PM

Well, I can jiggle the order of the pictures without too much effort. Not sure each one has a specific theme though 
We should be able to work out fitting in another Christmas themed shoot before December next year?

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#59 [url]

Sep 17 10 5:44 PM

Get yourself a copy of Photoshop Elements and before long you'll be at it as well 

So do I start next month's comp as a Xmas theme & then repeat in December as per Daz's idea?Or give Mat 20 Lashes?& myself a pasty & a pint for being Cornish! [image]



Well, do we need to have a Christmas theme this December? We could always do it again this time next year?
And it's probably worth giving Mat 20 lashes as a matter of principle 
Does the fact my dad lived in Cornwall for while entitle me to a pasty & a pint? 

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#60 [url]

Sep 17 10 6:40 PM

We've got three votes to have "something else" on the calendar - if we aren't going to have photo comp winners shots, and we aren't going to have shots of people's collections or reference material, what are we going to have? We need alternative suggestions 

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