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Jun 15 11 9:07 PM

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Hi all
It's getting towards the time when we need to think about next year's calendar.
Do we want to go for the same thing again (A3 portrait) or do we want to try a different size, like an A4 Landscape?

Would a year-planner be more useful?


Please add your thoughts to the thread. 

Admin Team

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Jun 15 11 10:32 PM

A2 would be greatgrin. but A3 landscape or portrait will be fine.
 a planner would mean defacing and the wife writing her days off on itsurprise. would it come with a little vame marker pen?

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Jun 22 11 11:29 PM

I'm really liking the first example.  For those that do make notes on the calendar it won't affect the pictures as the calendar will effectively be on the reverse side of the pictures.  grin

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Jun 24 11 7:30 AM

I always buy a yearly planner for the Mrs, so it would be very apt and funny  (for me anyway) , seeing her open this on Christmas day -     devil , question is how would the roast turkey dinner turn out afterwards ?

Planner for me all the way   grin

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Nov 21 11 10:33 PM

Ok gang, having read through the comments we will stick with A3 for this year (although landscape this time). Next year perhaps we can do both if we can generate enough interest in a planner.
So, without further ado, only two weeks late , the admin team would like to announce the 2012 VAME calendar:


Each page shows the winning photo(s) along with the names of the winner(s) and the theme for that month. The other entries for the month are arranged next-to or under the winning shot, and the calendar grid has been stretched to fill the remaining space so that those people who use the VAME calendar to keep track of dates (!) can write notes in. Appropriate extras (like the Argyll leaflet cover) may be scattered through the calendar. 
The price including 2nd class UK delivery is the same as last year at £11.99. I will check the cost for postage overseas (Ireland, France, Australia, Thailand, Norway) and add to this post.
If you would like a calendar, please register your interest in this thread. If you would like to have your birthday added to the calendar, please PM me with the details. (Yes Nick, I know your birthday )
The Admin Team 

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