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#21 [url]

Nov 22 11 7:40 AM

Superb Daren! That is that you know my birthday!

Best put me down for one of those excellent calendars too!

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#34 [url]

Dec 3 11 12:58 AM

Hi Darren,

Put me down for one please - sorry didn't get back to you on the printing prices etc - been mega busy with work etc!!!!  PLus I think the printers are stacked out with work too - my birthday is Jan 3rd 

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#36 [url]

Dec 3 11 11:43 AM


Each page shows the winning photo(s) along with the names of the winner(s) and the theme for that month. The other entries for the month are arranged next-to or under the winning shot, and the calendar grid has been stretched to fill the remaining space so that those people who use the VAME calendar to keep track of dates (!) can write notes in. Appropriate extras (like the Argyll leaflet cover) may be scattered through the calendar. 
The price including 2nd class UK delivery is the same as last year at £11.99. I will check the cost for postage overseas (Ireland, France, Australia, Thailand, Norway) and add to this post.
If you would like a calendar, please register your interest in this thread.

Orders so far (in order of appearance):


zulu1                                                (11 Nov)

daz28                                              (28 Jul)





tofthefrog     (x2)


bltn                                                 (03 Feb)

tjm160                                            (19 Oct)

thestoryofactionman   (x2)

flocktastic2010                            (08 Nov)

adams                                           (21 Jul)

para1974                                      (03 Jan)

PS The Royal Mail price finder website is still down, so getting postal costs will be a manual effort but I will update the page asap....

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#40 [url]

Dec 6 11 9:33 PM

I've already got a Gardener's World calendar with some lovely plant photos on it but, I think I'll have to give in to temptation on this one a VAM calendar made by VAM collectors and enthusiasts oh yes besides it'll get a great reaction at work.

My birthday is 30th September thanks


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