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#41 [url]

Dec 6 11 9:46 PM

Sorry Sophie, the file has already been sent to the printers, so I can't add your birthday  I can put you down for a calendar though 

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#42 [url]

Dec 6 11 10:32 PM

Sorry Sophie, the file has already been sent to the printers, so I can't add your birthday [image] I can put you down for a calendar though [image]


That's great the birthday thing is just an added bonus thanks

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#46 [url]

Dec 10 11 7:28 PM

Hi gang I went into the printers today to check the single copy they had printed and bound (under close escort, below) and I gave the go-ahead to print the rest. They should be ready by Tuesday but I can't pick them up until Thursday afternoon. I will be on holiday from then, so I will be able to post them out that evening or first thing the following morning.


Note: the calendar is A3 landscape, as opposed to A3 portrait which we have had for the last couple of years.


1 Calendar including UK postage: £11.99

1 Calendar including EU postage: £13.54

1 Calendar posted outside EU    : £16.31 

2 Calendars including UK postage: £22.81

2 Calendars including EU postage: £25.02

2 Calendars posted outside EU    : £29.47

If anyone would like to order more than 2 (there are only 6 left ...) please PM me for a price. 
daz28 - I'll PM your price as it includes a mug & mat 

Please send payment as a paypal gift/personal payment to

Please include your address in the message box, or PM it to me, as PayPal does not include address details with gift/personal payments. 

There are only 6 calendars left in the pot. On Sunday night we will need to list any that remain on ebay so that there is time to post them to people before Christmas. Sorry for the short time scales but we don't want to be left with unsold calendars. Note:They will be a higher price on ebay to account for ebay and paypal fees!  

Here's another sneak preview:


Orders so far from:


tofthefrog     (x2)
thestoryofactionman   (x2)

The Admin Team 

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#59 [url]

Dec 13 11 10:53 PM

Thanks for sending the payments through, everyone. I've decided not to put the last few calendars on ebay - I would have to set the price at more than £15 to break even after ebay & paypal fees 

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#60 [url]

Dec 14 11 8:45 AM

Thats a shame Daren! 

Come on chaps grab that special Xmas present the VAME Calendar! A must have for any member & show support for the forum.

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