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#63 [url]

Dec 14 11 8:29 PM

Hi pls save me a callendar too, sending paypal now thanks, Alan.
pls let me know when received.
ps.mug too please send me a paypal request for the required ammount thanks alan.


"it's only pain it'll soon pass",quote Royal Marines commando Training Team Lympstone.

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#64 [url]

Dec 15 11 11:32 AM

Thanks chaps. 
I'll be picking the calendars up this afternoon (I hope ) after my dental appointment (assuming I don't get stuck on the M25....). I'll package up calendars and mugs and let you know prices.

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#65 [url]

Dec 15 11 11:35 AM

 I will be on holiday from this afternoon, so I will be able to post items first thing tomorrow morning.


Note: the calendar is A3 landscape, as opposed to A3 portrait which we have had for the last couple of years.


1 Calendar including UK postage: £11.99

1 Calendar including EU postage: £13.54

1 Calendar posted outside EU    : £16.31 

2 Calendars including UK postage: £22.81

2 Calendars including EU postage: £25.02

2 Calendars posted outside EU    : £29.47

If anyone would like to order more than 2 (there are only 6 left ...) please PM me for a price.

 daz28/TheStoryOfActionMan - I'll PM your price as it includes a mug & mat 

Please send payment as a paypal gift/personal payment to

Please include your address in the message box, or PM it to me, as PayPal does not include address details with gift/personal payments. 

There are only 6 calendars left in the pot. On Sunday night we will need to list any that remain on ebay so that there is time to post them to people before Christmas. Sorry for the short time scales but we don't want to be left with unsold calendars. Note:They will be a higher price on ebay to account for ebay and paypal fees!  

Here's another sneak preview:


Orders so far from:



daz28                                        + mug





tofthefrog     (x2)




thestoryofactionman   (x2) + mug






cpllee  + mug 

The Admin Team 

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#72 [url]

Dec 19 11 11:53 AM

Just in time  You can pay by paypal gift/personal payment and include your address in the message box (PayPal doesn't include your address automatically with a gift payment) and I'll get a calendar out to you straight away  The £11.99 includes 2nd class delivery - let me know if you want a faster service 

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#75 [url]

Dec 19 11 3:30 PM

Glad they arrived safely and on time.  Did the envelopes stand up to the Royal Mail gorillas?

 ...Your football shot looks even better in print[image]


Thanks  My Egyptian tomb photo (April) came out really dark though 
Did you see I managed to get a Mat-tel chocolate box showing in Feb 

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#76 [url]

Dec 19 11 5:30 PM

Ditto mine, quality is brilliant, I think I was much more impressed than my Dad , now just need to put a nail in my bedroom wall. The non MAM AM's joined me for the grand opening so I took a few photos, seems my friends both AM's and real Gardeners are enjoying a small slice of fame as some of the gardeners  who appeared in Working For Sheffield, we couldn't believe it was the same person when we read our Supervisor's interview, privileged to work here and our apprentice along with one of the volunteers wore a reindeer and polar bear costume head walking down and got their photo took, made me feel relatively normal holding Peter the AM with our matching Santa hats on.  

Click here to view the attachment
Click here to view the attachment
Click here to view the attachment
Click here to view the attachment
Click here to view the attachment

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#79 [url]

Dec 19 11 9:53 PM

Great photos Sophie, it always looks like you are having fun in your photoshoots!

Thanks that's probably true most of the time with the exception of the times when I'm getting soaked (wet knees and trousers often) or getting frustrated at my men falling over, I'm sure most of can sympathise with those problems.  

Daren, my calendar also turned up today - superb!! Thanks!!


great set of photos Sophie


Thanks now I can't wait to share them with the folks at the Botanics I'm sure they'll love seeing it, maybe I can even convert a non believer although I'm probably being way to overly optimistic there

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#80 [url]

Dec 19 11 11:10 PM

Did you see I managed to get a Mat-tel chocolate box showing in Feb [image]


I did indeed     But where was Tims half Marathon?

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