Nov 5 11 6:47 PM

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deeyem - re Palitoy caravans. Cross my palm with silver and I shall continue, lol. 
Seriously mate, I don't know where you left the conversation with Brian Turner (Palitoy display designer, God etc etc). For the benefit of the other guys, I'll start from the beginning. Unfortunately it was nothing to do with making VAM scale Monty's caravans, but there's a thought. MMM? I was asking Brian about a rep's display box (don't know if any of you guys saw it a few months ago on ebay? Large plywood display box like a large cutlery display box. A friend of mine has a smaller version displaying Brittains farm animals). It sold for mega bucks. Mr Turner went in to hysterics, He said the reps had nothing like that - you were hard pushed to get anything in  a carrier bag, briefcase etc. They certainly wouldnt have carried that about. Brian was also responsible for the counter top and window fish tank displays and he just went from memory to the specific dimensions. Because at the time, he only had a mini van and they were made to fit that. And luckily they also fitted on to the back seat of the reps Ford Cortina. Interstingly, all these displays were kitted out with customer returns. They has a room full that he would just stroll through, non-talkers etc. Vehicles, he would just walk across the yard to the vehicle plant and take what he wanted. Also took what he wanted from the current production line to make the displays. The caravans were family caravans converted to show the whole of the new Palitoy stock, Action Man and other. They would be towed by the rep to a pub car park and store buyers would be invited to view. This guy, along with Bob, is a wealth of information. Thankfully so, cos I was so disppointed at the time, that i didn't win that non-existent reps display case! Think it sold for £400+