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Nov 27 11 5:02 PM

Hey, whos been using my body image and photoshopping some other chaps head on??

My two mugs are still giving stirling service and make a wonderful tasting cuppa!

"It all started when Mike and I and Mitch were out on a mission in Supercar" Going in to my second childhood? No way! I never came out of the first! If Speedway was easy they would have called it Football. The Bees have the answers.

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#27 [url]

Dec 2 11 3:05 PM

There is one mug left and will come with its own exclusive VAME mat to make sure you don't get in trouble for leaving tea-rings on the table:

Just £7.99 including UK postage! Postage overseas can be arranged (one has just gone to Norway and one is primed to go down under). Payment by PayPal personal/gift payment to will ensure you get the last of these unique items.
One more mug left then that's it! No more - a limited edition in the real and genuine sense of the phrase.
Even Natalie Portman didn't get to keep one!

We let Daz keep his though, for reasons of decency 

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#30 [url]

Dec 23 11 4:43 PM

Alan & Daz - PMs on the way.
VAME mugs now sold out.

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