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#21 [url]

Apr 9 12 7:21 PM

Hopefully I can make it Quorn is only just down the road for me and it's a few days after my birthday oh god will I be skint after this!! It will be great to meet fellow enthusiasts who can probably put me to shame with their knowledge.

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#24 [url]

Apr 9 12 8:14 PM

im sure it,ll be amazing ive only seen the photos on here of last years and those would blow your mind, with all the customs and carded outfits and kit id think id died and gone to vam heaven and even the quality of kit for sale will be amazing thats why i say remorgage cause i bet when you get there you,ll see kit you just have to have i know i would!!!!!!!devil

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#29 [url]

Apr 11 12 1:38 PM

you,ll need a remorgage when you see what those guys have for sale


Actually, that's wasn't true at last year's event as I think you would agree if you'd been there.

The stuff I bought anyway was very reasonable (in fact rather too cheap in some cases - deeyem was definitely guilty of underpricing).  Prices were well below what you'd pay at a toy fair, because there are no professional traders, just members looking to buy/sell/swap their spare stuff.  The most popular stalls were the ones like Sal's, where people were just selling loose spares at bargain prices.  Anyway, you can always try and haggle if the asking prices seem too high.  There's no charge for tables (although donations are welcome) so sellers don't have to cover their costs of a table with their sales.

I hope no-one is put off because they think it will be expensive.  You don't even have to pay an entry fee! 

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#30 [url]

Apr 11 12 1:56 PM

i wasnt meaning it was expensive my point was when he would see all the great gear there he,d want to buy it allgrinyou didnt include all of my post mike or you see what i meantdevil

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#31 [url]

Apr 11 12 5:48 PM

Im looking forward to it. I missed it last year so I will deffinately be going. My funds are limited and there is loads of gear I would like to buy, thats what I meant by not being able to afford it all lolgrin

smoke me a kipper, i'll be back for breakfast!!!

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#36 [url]

Apr 14 12 12:45 PM

Hi I am so looking forward to this show. what I would like to know is will there be any AM hospital services available? I have a couple of vam's with wobble head and whilst I could use the quick fix method of using glue to attach them firmly I would rather have them restrung by someone who knows what they are doing especially if it will only take a few minutes. I daren't trust my self to do it incase I break them even after looking at the on line instructions. Many thanks in advance, Phil.

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#37 [url]

Apr 14 12 2:02 PM

Hmm, that's an interesting idea.  We didn't have any VAM hospital services available last time, but I'm sure most of us would be pleased to help, so bring along any casualties and we'll see what we can do!

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#39 [url]

Apr 14 12 10:06 PM

WHAT A BLOODY GOOD IDEA grin.... any you guys need any your wee guys heads put back on or need so know how to do any other repairs im sure many of us will happy to show you .. but i will bring some elestic and i refix your vams  heads back on for you   and i only charge  1 vam per head i fix .. angel..... ONLY joking .. devil...even getting the head post out as some ppl dont know how to do that .. so even if you dont buy anything   YEAA RIGHT  .. you still get your vams fixed . smile.. what if we put a wee list on here what  repairs we can do   i go for the head reatching
DADSARMYS    head reattaching

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