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#41 [url]

Apr 15 12 10:36 AM

I'll go for taking the figures back to my house for a few months rest & recuperation 

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Apr 15 12 5:06 PM

Just to remind everyone that the VAME Meet on 9th June is timed to coincide with the WW2 weekend at the Great Central Railway to make a day of it.

You can walk between the venue for the VAME Meet to the Quorn station, which is usually kitted out as a US Army base (the different stations have different themes).  It is the main focal point for the event, with fly pasts, a beer tent, 1940s music etc.

More details of the WW2 event will be posted here:

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#44 [url]

Apr 21 12 4:44 PM

Well I've had confirmation from the Long Haired General that my leave pass for the day has been signed - so long as I get my duties at Mad Ferret Farm complete.  I have a suspicion that this will cost me a trip to a Garden Centre and a Craft Fair and....... but what the hell!

All being well I'll see everyone there - by the way I'll be the bloke with the big tashe!



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#52 [url]

May 5 12 8:39 PM

Hi Tom, yes, there a lots of hotel in the area of Quorn village and the town of Loughborough nearby.  The only problem may be that because Loughborough is hosting Team GB and Team Japan in the build-up to the Olympics, hotels will probably get quite full in June.

It depends how much you are prepared to spend.  The venue itself is immediately next door to the Quorn Country Hotel, which is very nice and convenient but expensive:

The Cedars Hotel is on the Quorn side of Loughborough.  I have heard good reports from people who stayed there and it is not expensive:

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#55 [url]

May 10 12 10:23 PM

Hello Mike (MrAction),
Is there a big supermarket in Quorn ? Where I can buy food to take home ?


Just nipping to the shop duck wont be long should be back next week.grin

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#56 [url]

May 14 12 8:50 PM

It's less than 4 weeks to go until the VAME Meet on Saturday 9th June! 

This is the final line-up for tables:

mraction (Mike) - 1960s VAM display and sales
bltn (Dave) – Tommy Gunn display.  VAM and Tommy Gunn for sale
zulu1 (Tony) – custom vehicles display & spares for sale
sierra1 (Vaughan) – prototypes and customs on display
salbal (Sally) – VAM spares for sale
action_mat (Mat) – customs
tjm160 (Tim) – customs and spares for sale
deeyem (Daren) - VAM, GI Joe, Action Team and 40th for sale
para1974 (Andy) - display of later cards and VAM/40th spares for sale
daz28 (Daz) - VAM spares for sale

Plus Palitoy display boards on loan from Leicestershire Museums and hopefully Bob Brechin will be able to come along for a chat too.

As if that wasn't enough, Tim is hoping to set up a rolling slideshow of his fantastic VAM photos on the big screen if we can rig up a projector!

It should be great day and don't forget it is timed so that you can combine the VAME Meet with the WWII weekend at the Great Central Railway nearby:

There's no charge for admission either (donations welcome if you've had a good day ).


Saturday 9th June 2012
10am - 1pm

[Stallholders set up from 8.30am, vacate by 3pm latest.]

Quorn Village Hall
64 Leicester Road

LE12 8BB

There's plenty of parking at the back of the hall or on the side streets nearby if the hall gets full.

If you need help with directions, hotels, etc, please ask and I'll do my best. 

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#60 [url]

May 14 12 10:03 PM

I hope i am next to Sal again she makes a great sales assistant[image]


Yup, funnily enough, you two are next to each other again! 

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