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Jan 28 12 12:48 PM

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I have some Action team small cards, and unlike the VAM cards, these have prints on the back-side. 

Even the the same items, have different prints on the back-side :

Seems like collecting all of these will be something like a never ending story ...

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Jan 28 12 1:50 PM

I've bought (still have to receive them) two cards with the "Ausr├╝stung" (is more or less the kit bag but without sleeping bag, explosives and with a UN helmet) which have the wigwag and DSD printed on the back; one card is with the "XM 214 Automatic Gun Machinengewehr 6207" and has the bearded head printed on it.

I'll post pics of the cards in Tim's thread on AT-cards as soon as I'll receive them.

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Jul 2 12 11:18 PM

Any one who has an idea about the value of the small cards (the one simular to the equipment card with kit bag the one with the XM-214) ?


I can't put an actual price on the small cards - but I have noticed that the kit bag ones are more common on e-bay overseas, but the main point to consider is the high postage.

I was lucky to pick up this rope bridge loose, and then get a carded version (It had been opened, but can be resealed fairly easily)

I absolutely love these cards, they are some of my favourite pieces!

Here it is in action!  (Reflock by Flocktastic)

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Jul 8 12 1:14 PM

This one is called Action Radar.  I found it interesting because the only reference I found to it in the original GI Joe catalogues was as part of the Super Joe accessories where it was billed as a sonic scanner.  So I wonder if (as I mentioned elsewhere) like The Intruder figure it was another cross over piece that Hasbro pushed into the regular market, in this case Action Team.

I've also got a silver/black loose version but I don't know where that came from.  The headphones are the standard issue ATeam HQ, 60's Minesweeper etc

Trials at a secret location... oh, alright, it's Blackpool beach, as usual!!!!

Aged Land Adventurer in vintage gear.  Hair (Or, lack of it by FLOCKTASTIC)  Telly Savalas by me!

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Jul 8 12 1:27 PM

Thanks Jim, that was one that had puzzled me for ages, as I have picked up quite a few of the black radar bits. Had a few customs in mind, but didn't want to use them if they weren't VAM (or a cousin). I always thought they were Cherilea. So I can go ahead now with my bomber command radar trailer (orange and white squares). Thanks mate.

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Jul 8 12 2:55 PM

    Vaughan, GI Joe also had radar-type stuff. You can just about see it in this shot:


That's a great pic!  Oh, I wouldn't mind that piece of kit! 

That's the early seventies, Adventure Team solar communicator set - those panels were re issued fairly regularly with other sets including vehicles like The Trouble-shooter, and were black or silver in colour, or color, as GI Joe might say!

 'You must have taken that last summer, Jim.'

LOL!   I think it might have been two years ago!  I've never used the pics, and had forgotten about them until I read this thread. (The sub title - Prints on backside still makes me smile!  : )   )

Glad to be of help, Vaughan!  I'll be posting some of the stuff you inspired me to when I get a chance!

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Jul 8 12 5:04 PM

That's a great pic!  Oh, I wouldn't mind that piece of kit!  



... Looks like he uses it to eaves drop on the rest of the team .....


If I remember rightly, it was part of the gear that he used to travel back to WW2 to pick up some reinforcements on 'Jerry Island

....  Oh, I wouldn't mind that piece of kit! 


Dave (bltn) has a carded one of these I think  I'll see if I have any spare bits 

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Jul 9 12 4:16 PM

Dave (bltn) has a carded one of these I think  I'll see if I have any spare bits

I do indeed - the card isn't great but I can post a piccy if it will help (assuming I can find it!!)???

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