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#81 [url]

Sep 15 12 8:03 PM

Finally got round to repairing my Red Devil. Thanks to Damian for the insignia. Also replaced the foot stirrup elastic and gave the jump suit an iron. I'm looking for a new head for him, as this little fella has been through the wars.


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#82 [url]

Dec 6 12 9:15 PM

Here are my latest additions

BA9553B2.jpg Ski Patrol

Need some more Ski Poles for my Where Eagles Dare Bash as I've nicked them of Him for my Ski Patrol. 

Ski Patrol2

Could do with a new Ice Pick too

My 1st Issue Storm trooper. Need to get him a new ruck sack at some point as one of the extra straps is missing. I love him though.

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#84 [url]

Dec 6 12 9:50 PM

Thanks mate. Looking forward to Christmas too. My four year old decided back in September she wanted to buy me a DSD whilst we were looking at the Alan Halls Books!! She's soooo cute. I've got a green beret on the way too, yippee!!! No silver star though.

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#86 [url]

Dec 6 12 10:44 PM

I agree Daz it's a great outfit so well put together. Hadn't intended buying it but glad I did now. Bit like the green beret I'm getting for Christmas. Was an impulse buy, sometimes those are the best!!! :-)

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#90 [url]

Jan 2 13 11:17 PM

Here are my two Christmas presents. I love the DSD and its all the more special in that it is a great mates childhood outfit.

And my Green Beret. I love this, need to tidy up the uniform trim the loose threads and give it an iron but I love it. One day I WILL get the silver star but might get a 40th to make do.

Don't understand why Pallitoy didn't do a later issue green beret???

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#91 [url]

Jul 2 13 11:26 PM

Haven't posted in a wile. A friend of mine gave me his childhood collection with three figures, (two fuzzy's and a PH) and a boxed ATV.

Just need the Puttee's for the Para...

I've got the ammo clip now.

Had this for fathers day. It works a treat just need  practice morse code

My first issue Combat Soldier. I need the helmet net, comoflage an bayonet

All working

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#98 [url]

Jul 21 13 10:25 AM

First issue medic on a soft head, Need a stretcher and two long splints... I've got the crutch but forgot to put it in the picture.

Complete, thanks to Sal Radio and Mike just about everything else. I love him.

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#100 [url]

Jul 24 13 3:08 AM

Despite Royal mails best efforts I've managed to complete my 2nd issue medic really quickly. (though I ended up paying top dollar as I couldn't bear to see him unfinished)

I love this uniform more than the first issue medic, sorry Mike. I loved M.A.S.H as a kid and the 1070's style shirt reminds me of that. Seeing him complete makes me want the flag and long splints for my first issue medic all the more.

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