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#101 [url]

Jul 24 13 11:57 AM

very nice mark great pics m8

V.A.M.E there can be only one.

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#107 [url]

Aug 14 13 7:02 PM

Been having a rough time recently and to cap it off today we found out that our landlady is coming back to Britain. Just can't believe it and feels really cheesed off. Anyway some friends all chipped in to help cheer me up and gave me some figures and loads of spares so here goes.......

Last issue para meaning I have all three para's

I've always wanted two Tom Stones and now I have them. ;-)

This a 40th Gi Joe so much better made than 40th VAM 101st Screaming Eagle

And a vintage gummy head Joe. He is very nice

Just need a scarf and lanyard for this great figure...

Hoping Action Gary can help with the missing insignia and I need to get the right map and goggles too. What a great uniform though...

I had loads of part uniforms I want to build up too, just hope the new house when we find it is big enough to house my collection :-(

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#108 [url]

Aug 14 13 7:33 PM

well done m8 . very nice of the friends to help . your landlady coming back tot he UK ???  do you mean she was to live in the house your in ???.. just keep looking at the good things m8 .. dont let the bad worry you . 

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#110 [url]

Aug 14 13 9:20 PM

Thanks guys. Was overwhelmed when they arrived, some interesting part uniforms too such as space ranger talking commander, Jungle explorer, Action Joe uniform, underwater assault and some adventure team outfits too :-)

Yes Iain she wants to come back to this house. Can't blaim her it's lovely, but the rental market in Brighton is a nightmare due to all the students :-(

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#111 [url]

Aug 14 13 10:52 PM

wish I had friends like yours. Love the Screaming Eagle. Gotta do that myself someday. Moving sucks. Now just to find a house with a basement or attic.

What Action Joe outfit did you get?

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#114 [url]

Aug 16 13 3:45 PM

hi m8 .. thats a pain .. how long do you have b4 she wants you out you have a contract or somthing saying  you got so many months notice or to move out .
if there any bits you need to finish any other outfits m8   you know all you got to do is ask .. .

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#116 [url]

Aug 22 13 7:00 PM

Thanks Guys. Yes really not looking forward to moving but a VAM basement sounds brilliant!!

Mickey, Tof gave me the Action Joe outfit and he's just told me it's the French Soldier. It's a great uniform. :-)

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#118 [url]

Sep 20 13 10:01 PM

My GAJ French Soldier Thanks Tof At the moment I have the outfit on a BP EE, Once we have moved I want to get a GAJ figure, I got the BP EE at a boot fair for £4.00. It came with a lot of stuff some of which I've sold and some I gave away, so didn't really cost a penny. Anyone know what colour and type of paint I should use to repair his eye?


And thanks to Sir Sidney for this little beauty. The cello just feels great 

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#120 [url]

Sep 21 13 2:45 AM

Thanks Mikey. The French Soldier is very stylish, I hope you get one soon :-)

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