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Nov 10 08 8:14 PM

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Hello and welcome to all new members,

Feel free to introduce yourself to the group in this section, we are a friendly group and I am sure you will get a warm welcome from everyone.


Happy collecting


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Dec 15 08 5:12 PM

hello ,i just joined the group as dutchguy , most off you know from the action man shows i atended in the u.k .my name is remo ,and we run a small ebay shop under the name dutch-actiontoys .we still sell and buy (and collect!) vintage action man .
we do organize a show on the conintinent as well under the name actionfigurado we will be on this forum often and hope to meet new and old friends !

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Dec 15 08 8:09 PM

Hi Remo, welcome to the forum!

Geoff, speaking of Gendarmes, did you see that Action Joe French Motorbike on the bay last night!?

It was sitting at £34 with a minute to go and then it went up to £101!!!!....

It looked lovely though! :)

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Dec 15 08 9:52 PM

LOL i was goint to email you boss but i forgot :-( kids playing up wife out on the razzz works outing .. rushed off me tooties .. so on .. and me building my NEXT toy ... i start a topic see if you guys can guess what it is ... and welcome remo i been tring to get to the dutch action man show i will try next year as DT shows gone pop ...cheers iain

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Dec 15 08 11:40 PM

THANkS Ian ,would be great to see some extra u.k guys next year
i will ask the moderators off this site where i can put news
on the show as we already have the dates for 2009 and the website
is still running

best remo

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Dec 16 08 12:25 AM

Hi Remo,

You can give us your dates in the vintage chat session and don't forget to post a link to your website along with the dates again in the links section. maybe you can add a link of this forum on your site?




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Jan 3 09 5:17 PM

Thank you to James for finding me and welcoming me to your forum. If we have already done business I hope you are all happy with your products.
As well as selling the 40th range and Did etc, I also collect and have a large vintage collection as well.
If I can be of any help, fill free to email me any time.
Once again Thanks for the Invite.

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Jan 26 09 6:20 PM

Oi, Everyone! I am what is generically referred to as a "newbie". Or at least I think that's what they're called. Or is it "freebie"? Well whatever it is, my mate BAZ sent me (as they also say..)!

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