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#61 [url]

Jun 16 09 5:38 PM

Welcome Seth,you have found the right spot for Action will get great friendly advice on here to get you started again with your childhood pals!...the armoured jeep you mention is out there but like you said getting a nice one will take a bit more time..that's what makes it so much fun thoughgrin

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#62 [url]

Jun 16 09 6:17 PM

Hi Seth 

i have found this site simply by going to ebay to try and see if i could get my hands on some of the Action Man toys i used to have when i was a kid!


That's exactly how it starts.........

i wish i never let all my stuff go but here's to getting my childhood back!!



Glad you found us. I don't think we need to work on you or put you through any kind of indoctrination program - looks like you are already one of us!  There is a lot of advice available on the forum particularly about starting out in the Action Man collecting game and you can always post questions - we don't mind if the questions have been asked before as it gives us an excuse to re-post pictures (particularly of the SAS sets, right Geoff? ).
I don't want to bombard you with info straight away but two things I will say: get hold of some good reference books if you haven't already got some (the Alan Hall ones are pretty comprehensive) , if you are looking for something in particular ask on here first before shelling out your hard-earned cash on ebay, and start working on your wife now for permission to get some display cabinets. Ok, three things I'll mention now! 
PS If you are wondering about the Action Man emoticons ("VAMEcons"), they were created by our very own thisbitterpill 

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#64 [url]

Jun 16 09 10:04 PM



A post from Geoff mentioning the SAS range and no pic? Hey, who are you and what have you done with the real Geoff? 

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#73 [url]

Nov 14 09 7:44 PM

Greetings fellow collectors! A little about myself...
Been collecting now for the past 18 on my 4th
(& probably final) collection consisting mainly of the
40th carded & one loose set is the plan. I'm
about 50% there now on both. Always happy to trade, 40th
for 40th, VAM for VAM. I've probably traded with a lot of
you guys on ebay already...had to check my ebay I.D. wasn't
being slated before I joined this forum! Some of you might
remember me from the very first Action Man conventions at
Bovington tank museum in the early 90's...those were the days!
Main interests are '64 Joe through to mid 70's Action Man...
(I lost it when the googly eagle eyes came in!) All my loose
40th guys are painted heads no matter the era of the uniform...
It just works for me!

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#76 [url]

Nov 14 09 8:07 PM

grin..Good one Chopper...painted heads then, do you use the early 'pinkies' or the later developed painted heads??...I think they got a bit better as the waves came along...I've got the complete 40th collection 'on-ice' so-to-speak...just opened 3 of far..!!!

Love to see some piccys of the collection, as would we all...good to have you on board..

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#78 [url]

Nov 14 09 9:32 PM

I'll get some piccy's done for you guys over the coming week...
I'm a bit of a perfectionist so if they dont come out good they
dont get shown!
Pinkies or later Josh...all the same to me...
as long as he's a painted head he'll get suited & booted!
I like to get my 40th loose collection together from
already open's a sin to open up cards...VAM or
40th...Probably a mental block I had from before the 40th
range came out...I just wont do it!

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#80 [url]

Jun 23 10 9:47 PM

Hi schultzy!  Welcome and well done on making your first post on here! 

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