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Apr 10 12 10:41 PM

Hello all, The names Ade. Joined 1 day ago but due to work not been able to make an introduction. Been collecting myself for some time now & hold the VAM very close to me as grew up in the era of it all. So hello all, pleasure to be here.

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#105 [url]

Jun 12 12 11:15 PM

evening all,
thanks for letting me in.
Im here sort of by accident. I went to a local auction house 2 weeks ago to bid on some scalextric & look at all the other 'junk'. Ended up getting outbid on the scalextric but bought a box of AM stuff instead. So i guess im now a collector. 

So you can look forward to lots of dumb questions & 'whats this fit/from/off ?' questions from me.


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#107 [url]

Oct 27 13 10:06 AM


I'm Pepe, from Spain, and I love the vintage stuff, but what I really like is customizing figures in "that certain vintage style"... detailed... but still toys!

You've got a nice place here!

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