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Jul 31 12 9:29 PM

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Here's the Spiderman transfer given free in Pow! #2 1966

The Iron Man transfer from 'Terrific' #1 1967

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Jul 31 12 9:40 PM

These are ALL the penants to fit into the 'Fantastic' plastic penant sleeve given in 'Fantastic' #1. The cut outs were featured in all the Power comics that week in 1967. These are really hard to obtain as most issues that featured these have them cut out!

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Jul 31 12 9:55 PM

By 1968 all the Power comics stopped featuring USA Marvel characters so Marvel UK decided to publish their own comics in 1972. Issue 1 of 'Mighty World Of Marvel' contained a Hulk transfer, based on an original image by Jack Kirby...


MWOM #2 featured this classic Spiderman transfer....

MWOM #3 contained these stickers...

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Jul 31 12 10:18 PM

'Spider-Man Comics Weekly' was the next comic to come along. #1 featured a Spiderman mask, a crude gift really (although it still fetches a high price) as it's really a paper bag!

Issue 2 was a better gift, a Spider Tracer Plane...

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#6 [url]

Aug 1 12 7:41 AM

I certainly do Daren, complete with the issues they came with. They are worth a fair few pennies, just like some of the rarer VAM stuff.
I'll post some more tonight. 

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Aug 1 12 4:49 PM

Steve (somekindajoe) mentioned he had the gun from Pow! #1 1966. This was basically a piece of cardboard and one went on ebay not too long back, complete with cardboard bullets, for a staggering £300...believe it or not, but straight up!
Here's mine...

....pity it's a fake, I made it myself! The comic is genuine though, I purchased issue 2 from a mail order site for £15 years back and #1 was tucked inside unbeknown to the seller. Result!grin

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#8 [url]

Aug 1 12 5:00 PM

Avengers got their own mag in the UK in 1973, #1 featured a set of transfers/tattoos that are so very rare now as obviously not many survived. Steve (somekindajoe) has a set. Alas I only have some repro ones.

#2 featured a cardboard gun, again very rare and expensive. Another I don't have.

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Aug 5 12 12:41 AM

I actually remember buying that comic on a Saturday morning visiting my nan we used to go on the bus to see her and the shop there always seemed to sell great things . I also remember losing the transfers Walking from the shop back to my Nans ,I was gutted but nan made it better lol

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#11 [url]

Aug 5 12 9:15 AM

Aww, that is tough luck tommygunn, but like you say, Nan's always make it better smile
I think with the success of the Avengers film, these will only go up in value now.

I see a copy of MWOM #1 complete with Hulk transfer has turned up on ebay...

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