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The Vintage Action Man Enthusiasts (VAME) forum provides a place for collectors and enthusiasts to continue to enjoy and celebrate the nostalgia of the "Vintage" Action Man of their childhood, produced by the Palitoy company of Coalville between 1966 and 1984, and his contemporary cousins (GI Joe, Action team, Geyperman, etc.).  This focus distinguishes VAME from other action figure sites, making it a special place for fans of vintage Action Man. 

Whilst the forum is fairly relaxed and we do not want to dampen members enthusiasm or creativity, we do wish to maintain the focus on our vintage Action Man theme so that genuine vintage content is not drowned out.  Hence, there are separate sections for 40th Anniversary/Timeless figures and sets and for customised figures and vehicles. Posts which, in the opinion of the Admin Team, distract unduly from the vintage ethos of the site, may be deleted. This will be followed by a PM to the member to explain why.

The off-topic section is for posts which do not relate to the main theme of the site and do not fit into any of the other categories, but we politely request that this facility is not abused. The Admin Team reserves the right to limit off-topic posts and would discourage the use of any threads on the site as a chat-room.  The Private Message facility is available for personal communications and of course has the added benefit of being private.