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Sep 4 12 12:07 AM

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Started collecting Action Man, about 3 years ago after wanting to buy a few items from my childhood, of course it was not long before I started collecting with fever. Missed out on the 40th relaunch, but was just wondering if the prices off Action man 40th on ebay reflect the price they were bought for in the first place from ML. As some ebay 40th seems quite costly.

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Sep 4 12 1:02 AM

From memory (although I try to forget how much money I spent on them!), the sets with a figure and two uniforms (one on figure in a box, the other on a card) were £35. A carded uniform on it's own was £20 and a uniformed figure in a box was £15.

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Sep 4 12 1:10 AM

Hi Delta2

From their launch in 2006 the prices for the Action Man 40th range stacked up pretty much as follows:

Composite set (boxed figure + outfit card) £35.00
Boxed figure on its own £20.00
Outfit card on its own £20.00

The Escape from Colditz boxed set and the horses were also sold for £35 each.

The only exception to that pricing structure, as I recall, was the carded Judo oufit, which was sold for £35 as a "special" limted edition during a Modeller's Loft open day in March of one year (I can't remember whether it was 2007 or 2008).

After their initial launch, the Loft also hiked the prices of a couple of sets that could be purchased singly (the Argyll outfit card and one of the sailor figures - Ark Royal, I think) to £25 each because they banked upon those being rather more popular as individual items than they actually turned out to be.

As you have rightly pointed out, Ebay prices for the boxed / carded sets are, in general, ridiculously high these days. However, if a seller is keen to make a sale, perhaps to move a collection on, some items - especially decarded / loose sets - can still be picked up for a reasonable amount.

I have found that it's just a case of keeping an eye open to try to spot which sets you want to buy when they come up - and also having a bit of luck into the bargain. 

I hope that this helps. (If I have written anything here that is slightly wrong, I am certain that our friends here will be able to correct the mistake).

Cheers Steve Vintage, Modern and 40th - the Action Man Holy Trinity!

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Sep 4 12 1:26 AM

Just remembered, there were also some other smaller carded bits - such as the:

Household Cavalry breastplates set: £20
Full parade accoutrements boxed set £30
High altitude card: £20
Explorer's sleeping bag, anoraks etc. £9 or £10 per card
Engineer's equipment on card, rifle rack etc. £10 per card 
Sportsman display stand: £10

These are examples of the smaller bits, but I'm fairly sure that the main boxed sets were priced as in my previous post.

Cheers Steve Vintage, Modern and 40th - the Action Man Holy Trinity!

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Sep 5 12 12:32 AM

Thanks for the reply’s and tips guy’s.

Some of the prices on eBay our quite comparable, I suppose if you are seriously wanting to shift some items, you need to be.

I notice the footballer and Indian seem to be one of the cheapest figures, I have the 2 x Footballer, but the Indian is not really what I want to collect, but of course that could all change by next week.



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