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Sep 22 12 7:50 PM

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Just sorting out setting up my collection. I have about 100 dolls and circa 20 carded
Outfits. I will post photographs shortly.

 I am trying to whittle down to 60's stuff and have many post 70's items. for swops.

The following items are just some of the things I am after  -

60's complete tank commander helmet.
60's white  deep sea diving suit
Cap badge for green beret
Bear helmet for 60's snow patrol
French rebublican guard
60's Gi Joe African American action man
Shore Patrol
Air police


All rare I know but If anybody has any of these and is looking for something specific please let me know.

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Sep 22 12 9:39 PM


It's probably best that I photograph all my swop stuff, but I want to swop all my carded and boxed stuff-as examples- 

Sas boxed uniforms x 3 different outfits mint
Sas boxed boat mint
Action team carded west point cadet mint

Royal engineers
Mountain arctic
Us machine gunner

These 3 are the book type packaging

Group action joe Davy Crockett mint on card
Boxed group action joe nude figure flocked hair fixed eyes"lesinvincibles"MIB

Action Team Mp mint on card
Action Team fireman
Action Team Tom Stone mint in box

Thase are a few but I list more when I am sorted.

Just got everything out of the lost and am wading through it all.

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