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Sep 23 12 12:26 PM

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The curator at the V&A Museum of Childhood, Sarah Wood, asked me to advertise this upcoming event at the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green, London on VAME.

It's basically a great opportunity to meet with Bob Brechin and others involved with Action Man back in the day, as well as seeing some of the treasures from the archives, including prototypes and other material rescued when the factory closed.

It's free, but first come first served, so get in quick!

Follow the link for more details and bookings.

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Sep 24 12 11:36 PM

And that picture is a sight for sore Eagle-eyes!  Have you any info on the image used in the poster, Mr A?  Looks fascinating!


I asked Sarah at the V&A about the pictures for you.  She says:

"The images are both from the Action Man archive material that we have at the museum (and that will be on show to have a look at). The background is a rubber mould used to make AM's utility belt. In the foreground is a head pattern, cast in heavy, solid grey plastic material. I think this was a model used to scale down to an Action Man sized head. there maybe a few bits in the collection i will get out that one of the Palitoy employees or one of the collectors can shed some light on. Bob has already gone through alot of the material with me and identified it, but there could be more unanswered questions too."

Sounds intriguing, doesn't it? 

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Sep 25 12 8:47 AM

Thinking of bringing along my "prototype" airline pilot jacket to see if i can get any history to it i.e if its a genuine item.


I was pretty sure that Bob mentioned that the airline prototype along with a few others was not genuine.

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Sep 27 12 4:43 PM

The head in the Museum of Childhood advert is a twice up epoxy resin  model of Action Man head with hair and beard which we used to model on such things as goggles and face mask for Battle of Britain Pilot. After modelling on this head we would take castings to produce another model ( tooling aid )  This ensured that the item fitted correctly after the tooling aid  had been pantographed down to actual size to make the injection moulding tool.
The Hand Of Bob

See you all at Bethnall Green guys.

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