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#84 [url]

Nov 11 12 11:47 AM

      On behalf of v8mikey, I did ask why Palitoy never made a tennis player.  Apparently, it was never really considered, but in any case the hard hands weren't really made to grip a tennis racquet!

There were some interesting talks from museum staff at the start of the event, including tips on photography from the lady who photographs the museum objects for the archive on the website.  I was particularly interested in the talk on plastics, why they degrade and what you can do to prevent it.  Not much seems to be the answer, but the key to preservation seems to be mainly to keep the objects away from light, temperature fluctuations and air (oxygen) if possible.  Just as well I don't display mine then!  [image]


one of the other ones that was never produced was the racing motor cyclist they showed a great picture of it and it really looked the part   

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#85 [url]

Nov 11 12 12:13 PM

Wish i had asked about them now Nick.As the heads are all various prototypes it certainly looks like it something they looked into doing.Im not sure if anyone else queried it ?


Who has the answer?

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#89 [url]

Nov 11 12 11:22 PM

Very interesting information  thanks every one for sharing your day and a special thanks to Bob Brechin and the team for arranging the Show. glad you all had such a fab day, smile

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#90 [url]

Nov 11 12 11:32 PM

You lot have been busy reporting on the Action Man Day. It is nearly 10.30 pm Sunday night and I have just arrived home from London, kn....d! We took the opportunity to attend the service at the Centotaph this morning which was very moving. Managed to get down to Horse Guards Parade an become reacquainted with the mounted  Life Guards there. I wanted to go in museum and see if they still had the Action Man we presented to them after we produced the uniform, but we didn't have time. I am really pleased you all enjoyed the Day. I am sure Sarah and Ieuan would really appreciate some words of thanks from you guys. They put a lot of work into preparing everything to make the event a resounding success. I am sorry we were not able to bring up the photos of the 1984 reserve range displayed at the Toy Fair. I hope to bring those photos to Vaughan's show this Sat. 
The Hand of Bob

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#92 [url]

Nov 12 12 6:24 AM

A super big thanks to you Bob and the Palitoy team for being involved in these events too. Even though I cannot attend for obvious reasons the feedback from those who attend is priceless and we are all very lucky to still be able to get answers about often asked mysteries.

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#95 [url]

Nov 19 12 11:18 PM

Haven't been able to get on here since the event but just to echo what everyone else who attended has been saying it was a great, informative and enjoyable day. I didn't realise we were not supposed to photograph the Wolf Pack prototypes though I got the impression that it was only the illustrations and design work in the accompanying portfolio that we were asked to not reproduce due to uncertainties with the copyright ownership. 

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