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#22 [url]

Oct 15 12 9:38 AM

Would certainly be interested in one [image], great advertising by the way [image] 




Hi DarenOne for me as usual please!  [image]ThanksSal


Will do Sal.

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#23 [url]

Oct 15 12 11:24 AM

Hi gang
It's that time of year again...
The 2013 VAME Calendar is now available to pre-order:



In keeping with VAME tradition, each month features the photos from the monthly competition, with the winning shot taking centre(ish)-stage. Key dates are included in the date-panel (which we try to make smaller each year but we can't remove it completely as some people insist on writing on their calendar ).


Member's birthdays are also shown where they have made a request to do so.


Postage costs have risen and so have printing costs but I have done some work for the shop that will be printing the calendar (it's the same shop as the last three years so we know they will be good quality) and as a result I have been able to negotiate a bit of a discount. This means that a calendar, posted second-class (in the UK) will be £8.99 which is £3 cheaper than previous years.   Not bad in the current economic climate even if I do say so myself 


Some members almost missed-out last year as I left ordering until the last minute. This year I am starting early (October's photo comp hasn't even finished yet ...). If you would like a calendar (or two!) please check the totals below and send a paypal payment (as a gift if you can please so we can avoid the fees) to



Please add your address as PayPal doesn't include it with gift payments.


If you would like to have your birthday marked on the calendar, let me know the date and I’ll add it.



Please note that these prices are for calendars including postage:



UK 2nd Class




1 calendar


£ 11.61

£ 15.05

£ 14.77

2 calendars

£ 17.99

£ 20.20

£ 25.68

£ 25.22


*Eire, France, Germany, Norway


Paypal gift payment with address and birthday details to please



UK members: if you order more than one calendar they will be posted separately as the postage for two together is more than twice the postage for one.


Overseas members: If you would like more than two calendars, please PM me for postage costs.


Any questions or special requests, by all means drop me a PM. 






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#30 [url]

Oct 19 12 11:39 PM

Bargain, Daren.  Well done for getting us such a good deal, that's a fiver less than I thought it was going to cost

Paypal sent for £8.99smile

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#36 [url]

Oct 26 12 2:51 PM

Added you all to the list, thanks  

Advertising works Daren!Not only did I buy the calendar I bought the model too![image][image]



You know the figure doesn't come with his own calendar don't you? 

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