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Dec 5 12 1:08 PM

All paid-for calendars have now gone into the post (Tof & Daz28 - your calendars went out yesterday to try and get them to you before Christmas).
Anyone who has requested one but not yet pinged a paypal gift through - your calendars are still reserved for you.

If you would like a calendar (or two!) please check the totals below and send a paypal payment (as a gift if you can please so we can avoid the fees) to

Please add your address as PayPal doesn't include it with gift payments. 

Please note that these prices are for calendars including postage:



UK 2nd Class




1 calendar


£ 11.61

£ 15.05

£ 14.77

2 calendars

£ 17.99

£ 20.20

£ 25.68

£ 25.22

*Eire, France, Germany, Norway

Paypal gift payment with address details to please

Other than that, only left   

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#70 [url]

Dec 6 12 3:36 PM

Mine arrived this morning too - just superb, job well done Daren, very many thanks grin

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#71 [url]

Dec 6 12 4:55 PM

I spotted a couple of errors as I was putting Scott's in an envelope. I think it was Microsoft Publisher messing it about (it really struggled with saving to PDF) but I should have picked them up when I handed over the print-ready file to the printer. Schoolboy error  I think I'll try a different publishing package for the next calendar. Which I can start now  

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