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Nov 12 12 6:16 PM

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From Tim:

I ran the idea for the VAM Falklands commemoration book run past Help for Heroes and the South Atlantic Medal Association (SAMA).  Help for Heroes were completely onboard.  The SAMA chairman was equally supportive and I believe that if the decision was solely down to him, he would have unquestionably endorsed.  However, running the concept past 16 trustees and other members, including Julian Thompson (Comd 3 Cdo Bde), Chris Keeble (2IC 2 Para – participated in the Festival of Remembrance on BB1 on Saturday night), and ‘H’ Jones wife, sadly they just didn’t get the fact that whilst they were down there fighting, I was re-creating the battles I saw on TV in the living room with my VAM and are unwilling to endorse (one “Para” senior officer was also particularly offended at being represented by a “doll” – clearly all those canvassed were already senior officers at the time of the Falklands and so neither played with VAM themselves, or had children of an age where they would have played with them – if it had been the “Toms” the Chairman had canvassed, I believe it would have been a different story.  Being 18-20 in 1982, they would almost certainly have played with VAM themselves).  Without their endorsement I was going to drop the whole idea.   


However, I have since decided to see if I can secure any publisher interest and see what happens.  “Pen & Sword”, although stating that not appropriate for their readership, “think it is a great idea and well worth pursuing. It's definitely different to most things out there at the moment.”   


Until the outcome is known, the pictures have been removed from my Photobucket album, which is why they no longer appear in the thread.   If I cannot get a publisher onboard, a Tesco Photobook version I have produced to give an idea of what it could look like in print will be made available to anyone who wishes to purchase (directly from Tesco’s – not via me – I will just provide the book code).  A few snaps of the Tesco Photobook Version are attached for interest.








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Nov 12 12 7:16 PM

Fantastic looking book Tim, that double page spread is the business!
Good luck in getting it published, I know it can be a bit of a mine field as a couple of mates had a real problem getting a music related book out.

I'm in for a Tesco book...

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Nov 12 12 8:50 PM

Best of luck with a publisher Tim & count me in for the Tesco's version if all else fails![image]


I second that - and I will definitely have a copy myself, as well!

Well done, mate!

Cheers Steve Vintage, Modern and 40th - the Action Man Holy Trinity!

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Nov 12 12 10:10 PM

The book looks sensational Tim. Stick with it and it will be done.

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Nov 21 12 3:21 PM

Thanks gents.  Having looked into further, finding a publisher to take a punt on what could be rather a niche offering is likely to be extremely difficult.  An alternative I am now pursuing, is producing as an eBook via Amazon (e.g. downloadable for Kindle / iPAD etc).  This would work out vastly cheaper (£5-£10), with even the possibility of releasing as a series in smaller / shorter chunks, which would also enable the addition of further material.

Since this will take some time, if anyone desires, I will make the present Tesco Photobook version available as a one-off in the interim (58 full colour pages with hardback cover).  The cost will be £40 plus £3.65 first class recorded postage (clearly more outside UK).  Orders will need to be placed with me and payment made upfront, by 19:00 Friday 30th November.  I will then place on Tesco who usually fulfill within 10-days, giving plenty of contingency to meet 20th December First Class last posting date, to arrive before Christmas.

Please drop me a PM if desiring a copy.

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#13 [url]

Nov 21 12 3:57 PM


Please count me in on the hardback book, it will be great to see your labours complete.

Just one thing to be aware of with the Ebook and the kindel - I use mine quite abit and some of the books which have a lot of illustrations and pictures can have variable quality of images, it generally isn't due to the quality of the pictures having seen the hard copies of the book, but often it is due to the software that converts the book, it may be worth seeing how your book transfers across to ebook format and that the images are ok.



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Nov 21 12 4:40 PM

Tim, Daren, Members all,

I've just read back through the this thread and to be honest I am absolutely disgusted and ashamed by the reaction that was given to the offer to raise funds for a forces charity.

In the early stages of Tims plan, I was asked for my opinion on what would be considered appropriate and how it would be viewed by forces personnel, ex forces and possibly by charities.  and I felt that the offer of raising funds through a book of this nature would have been accepted and welcomed.  perhaps I am in a similar position to,  as Tim put it, a person of an age that remembered the Falklands and also Action Man.

I worry that some of these former Senior Officers that sit on the charity may take such a high handed stance with the dispersal of their charity funds as they do in the aceptance of a well meant and extremely well put together effort to raise funds.  Perhaps that is why there are so many South Atlantic Veterans that were not getting the support and care that they so dearly needed - and god help me if that were the case!!  I've known and met men that are still very much haunted by Ghosts of those islands and battles.

The British legion, Help for Heroes and Combat Stress are all trying to help these men who spent too long without the support and help they needed.  There may be a point to consider that perhaps SAMA has too many former Senior Officers that perhaps may not be fully grounded in the realities that some of their former privates and Cpls are having to cope with today.  If that is the case then shame on them!

I would say that it is propably not the case that other charities are more money grabbing or less discerning about how an individual raises funds for the charity.  In the vast number of cases a charity does not care that some one sits in a bath of beans for a day or runs a marathon as Bob the Builder, but they should recognise the fact that some one has taken the time and effort to come up with an idea to raise funds for their charity, be that amount 50p or £50,000.

I will end on one final note and it aimed at the Offended Senior Para Officer - This book may have made just enough money to provide a little bit of help for a Falklands Veteran, a widow or an orphan, it could have contributed towards making a difference and you know what?  any little difference that helps one of those in need is worth parking any notion of being offended and seeing the bigger picture, clearly the Man is an A@*e and more concerned with his own image than that of the people he claims to represent and help, I suggest that he takes a long hard look at himself and gets a grip!

To Tim, Daren and all the ladies and gentlemen of the VAME community, I would like to thank you for your very real support and efforts to the forces community - of all nations - and the charities that really do support us, the serving, the veterans and those that have been left behind.

my very heartfelt thanks


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#15 [url]

Nov 21 12 5:50 PM

Thanks Jock, totally agree and I regret you are absolutely right.  My former TA colleague and friend (who will be taking care of all written elements) warned me that in the forces charities world, H4H were seen as the "young upstart" who have put many of "the institutions" noses out of joint with how successfully they have captured the public imagination and support.  I won't share one of the comments of one of the SAMA members to this respect, but I'm sure the previous sentence exhibits sufficient sentiment (realising the way things were going, I even dropped Combat Stress whom I had not engaged at that point, and re-alligned their 50% to SAMA, sensing this may give a better chance of them endorsing - sadly to no avail).

Given the hassle experienced in dealing with charities (even H4H who were very supportive of the idea never approved the "event" they asked me to create on their web site and so never actually formally endorsed), clearly the best approach is to "go it alone".  I will then simply make a personal donation of an amount appropriate to the corresponding success (or otherwise) of the book.  Although a sad endicement of the charities in question, this will at least be far simpler and straight forward for all concerned and mean I have complete freedom, not needing editorial agreement from the respective charities.

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#16 [url]

Nov 21 12 7:43 PM

Hi Tim

Sorry to come late to the thread and see all the trouble you have had.  That said, if you are still going to go the Tesco route, please count me in for one of the hardbacks (PM being sent).

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#18 [url]

Nov 22 12 11:39 PM

Such a shame that you have put in all that hard work and did not get anywhere with publishing. Cant believe that you could not get any support from the charities as the proceeds would benefit them. The book looks superb Timsmile


smoke me a kipper, i'll be back for breakfast!!!

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#19 [url]

Nov 23 12 12:44 AM

Thanks Andy and good will come of this yet, both from this one off offering of the Tesco Photobook and ultimately the downloadable eBook/Series and possibly also a copy of the DVD originally put together for VAME day 2012.

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#20 [url]

Nov 24 12 11:08 AM

Also included with the book will be the 1 hr 50 mins DVD from VAME day 2012.  The DVD contains a video of all 1,135 images previously shared on the forum, overlaid to fitting military themes and regimental marches.

£5 from every book purchased will be shared between Help for Heroes and Combat Stress:

Dig deep fella's, this is a one off opportunity which will not be repeated, even if the eBook does not come off.

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