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Dec 10 12 8:26 PM

Help4Heroes donation also (finally) made.  The books arrived on Saturday and I've just finished burning/printing the DVD's and packaging so will be posting tomorrow.  Ignoring the 3-drafts, the books have all been numbered out of 12 and signed on the inside of the front cover.  Showing to an influential businessman over the weekend he stated he was very impressed and strongly suggested sending to SAMA, as he said he would be amazed if they still did not support after seeing (and he's now also going to be digging his old VAM out of the loft).  I will draft a letter to the Chairman to include with the remaining spare copy of the book and we'll see what happens.

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Dec 11 12 1:32 PM

Thanks gents and good suggestion Daz, either that or even enclosing a printed copy of Will's very well put oratory above.  I am however unsure whether a slightly more diplomatic approach would stand a better chance of changing their position, or whether the impact of "both barrels" would be better?  A copy of the draft accompanying letter is as follows.  Members thoughts would be welcome on whether to:

1. Send the letter as-is
2. Send the letter as-is but with suggested amendments (please state what these should be)
3. Send the letter including a link to this thread (a pain to re-type a long url to access)
4. Send the letter including a printed copy of Will's oratory

Please consider very carefully before expressing a view.  It is very easy to take a cavalier perspective in a forum environment where there is little chance of comeback.  I have to send this letter and live with any resulting consequences.  We also have to remember that these were the guys who were there and deserve our respect, regardless of their lack of tollerance or understanding of our affinity for Action Man.  Will is a present serving member of our armed forces who has seen action and therefore able to take a tougher stance as on an equal playing field with the membership of SAMA.  Whilst I may have served, I have not seen action and so do not have the same degree of latitude.

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Dec 11 12 7:35 PM

I'm not sure the 'old guard' would be swayed by the opinion of those they perceive to be 'lower in the chain' than themselves, so I think the calm, dignified approach that you have taken is the right way to go about it.  If anything perhaps add a reminder that you had canvassed opinion elsewhere and received support, something along the lines of:
          It was disappointing that the Association representatives felt unable to support this fundraising initiative 
          particularly as it has received support and encouragement from past and still-serving members of the Armed Forces.
Not sure if mentioning that  H4H thought it was a good idea would be helpful or not 

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#49 [url]

Dec 11 12 9:02 PM

Thanks Daren, most excellent points and very helpful suggestion!  I will tweak everso slightly and include:
It was disappointing that the Association’s representatives felt unable to support this fundraising initiative, particularly given the support and encouragement received from past and present serving members of the Armed Forces.
I also agree with the quandary over whether to mention H4H.  Someone from SAMA asked the question "what has H4H ever done for us" to which the Chairman himself responded, "what have we ever actually asked for from them?".  So, there is a degree of recognition that help for Falklands vets could be available via H4H if requested.  However, changing the overall perception that they only support current conflicts I suspect will be much harder to realise.

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#50 [url]

Dec 11 12 10:23 PM

From what's been said already, I really can't see them changing their stance on this Tim.  I'd save the spare copy of the book for a more appreciative audience.  Sorry to be negative.

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#51 [url]

Dec 11 12 11:20 PM

I fear you're absolutely right Mike, but before dropping, I have to know I've tried everything possible.  So far they've only seen a partial idea and each of them different chapters.  OK, the Tesco photo book version is very different to the original idea and likely from the eventual published version.  However, it at least gives an idea what a published version could look like and is very professionally and appealingly presented.  If this won't convince them, then nothing will.

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#52 [url]

Dec 11 12 11:54 PM

I would lose the second paragraph completely, Tim.  There's no point going over their reasons for refusal or what others (serving or otherwise) might think of it.  Let the book do the talking and if that doesn't work, as you say, nothing will.

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#53 [url]

Dec 12 12 12:00 AM

Really?  Even though that is surely the greatest driver behind their initial reactions and unless put in front of them, would be unlikely to occur to them?

A fair suggestion though and one I shall ponder, thanks Mike.

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#54 [url]

Dec 12 12 12:18 AM

In my opinion, Tim, it is likely to encourage those who were set against the idea to defend their stance taken before.  Having said that, I don't know them, so you're better placed to judge.

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#60 [url]

Dec 17 12 7:58 PM

Got my copy today.
Great stuff and a definite collectors item.
It's a pity the 'Action Man' logo couldn't be used though Tim.

Fabulous photo's and not overrun with text, 95% pictures just as I'd hoped!

Well done Tim, and thank you.

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